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RJD2 @ Andyland Factory Wexner Presentation Ball

The Wexner Center had a Factory themed party called Andyland that enlisted perhaps the only superproducer in the age of internet/touring fame that is from Columbus, former Huntington Bank teller and Columbus State Calculus student, RJD2. The superproducer turned songwriter that will be the only instrumental hip hop producer that will be acceptable to sample  in the year 2032 because he played instruments and organized the songwrites in loop friendly increments on his last recorded release The Third Hand. The superproducer did not bring a band nor engage in fancy turntable combination arrangements for this this gala. The superproducer was here to play music off his turntables that were hooked up to the Serato computer program channeled thru his mixer for Ladies in waiting, Handsome suitors, townies with charisma, hustlers and general patrons of the arts.

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Andyland Tonight @ The Wexner Center w RJD2 x True Skills

They are turning the Wexner Center into the Factory Tonight. RJ and DJ True Skills are playing records that Bob Dylan prolly ran game on Edie Sedgwick to.  It will be like this video except silver and with more legendary works art around.

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