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Ginuwine Wants Round, Purple Women To Show-Off


You know why Ginuwine keeps on his mind besides babes?

Donewaiting! If you recall DW celebrated Ginuwine week the last time he was  in town because we like extended metaphors about “Ponys” and sex. Horny does in fact rhyme with pony.

Well, Ginuwine, the thoughful heart throb, took some time out of his busy day to personally tell his publicist to email me this interview he did with Amanda Diva. In this interview, Ginuwine tells women that “no matter what shape or size, white, brown, purple or green” that they should be comfortable “Showing-off”. 

Hopefully, when the new album ” A Man’s Thoughts” drops  June 23rd Ginuwine will grace our fair-city with his understanding and encouragement.