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Used Kids celebrates 26 years in business with full day of music, pizza, special deals

Through good times and bad, Used Kids Records has managed to survive in a world where record stores are closing at an alarming rate. The campus landmark has made it through a fire, competition from both independently-owned stores as well as national franchises, and the on-set of the digital age where consumers can purchase new music with a click of a button and never have to venture into a brick-and-mortar store.

On Saturday, the store celebrates it’s 26th year of being in business with a full day of live music, free pizza and special deals (26% off all used inventory). BYOB welcome (but PBR is a sponsor!!!).

Here’s the lineup (Times are subject to change):

1:00 Total Foxx
2:00 Outer Spacist
3:00 Nom Tchotchkes (Dan Dow, Greg Hall, David Banbury and Eva Owen)
4:00 Log (rare reunion show and potentially the final performance for the band)
5:00 Fort Shame
6:00 Betty Machete & the Angry Cougars
7:00 The Girls!
8:00 Connections