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WHY? kickoff U.S. tour in Cincinnati last night

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Ohio’s WHY? kicked off the U.S. leg of their world tour at The Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati last night. Hot on the heels of two 2012 releases – the Sod in the Seed EP (August) and Mumps, etc. (October) – WHY? were greeted with great warmth by their hometown crowd.

Now with an added drummer and two female musicians/vocalists, the band played in horseshoe formation to a sold-out audience. WHY? performed in the Black Box Theatre of the aforementioned art center. It was a tranquil environment – a lovely place to see them play before their hometown crowd (the Wolf Brothers and multi-instrumentalist Doug McDiarmid all went to Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati).
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Listen to Sufjan Stevens’s new hip-hop project

As you may have heard last week, Sufjan Stevens teamed up with Son Lux and Serengeti to form a new hip-hop(ish) group called s / s / s. You can now hear the Auto-tuned first track, “Museum Day,” from the forthcoming EP.

Anticon will release the Beak & Claw EP March 20. It’ll also feature contributions from My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden.

MP3:Sole-My President is Black(And that Don’t Mean Jack)

the gore vidal of rap or still a cornball in fact?

Don’t ask me why. But every now and again, I look around the internet to see what Anticon is up to. Well, Sole from Anticon has recorded perhaps the worst rap song in history, or the ballsiest song since ahem, “Makeshift Patriot” by Sage Francis.

“My President is Black, and that don’t mean jack” . Sole says on the hook of the first anti-Obama Hip Hop song, that sends up Young Jeezy’s Black Nationalist anthem. He makes a good point every now and again. Then fucks it up by either making fun of how black people talk or saying some shit about how spicy the food he found in the trash prolly is.

MP3:Sole (feat Jared Paul)-My President Is Black

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Ginuwine Week Pt. 3

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Ginuwine & Sole’

It took me a second to post today’s installment of Ginuwine week because it came to my attention via Mike Detox that Ginuwine isn’t actually a bachleor, even though the Cove’s advertisement claiming that he is. He is married to Sole’. Not to be confused with Anticon’s Sole.

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Sole from Anticon.

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Sole’ & Ginuwine

I will forgive the Cove for the false advertisement because my favorite R & B songs often involve domestic disputes ala Kels’ “Real Talk” or Usher’s “Confession” series. So maybe Ginuwine will cheat on Sole’ and there will be a song involving Columbus and someone’s lieing ass friends.