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Monday in Columbus: Royal Bangs

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MP3: Grass Helmet

Monday night, Knoxville’s Royal Bangs comes to Skullys as part of their month-long fall tour. Circa 2007, the boys dropped by Cafe Bourbon St. as new signees of Audio Eagle Records. They put on a great show, and the five song EP they sold me was 22 minutes of solid gold. Since then, Royal Bangs has continued to hone their studio craft and tour consistently, steadily building their name from the ground up. March saw the release of their third full-length Flux Outside, which has led to increasing tour slots and appearances on late night TV. Monday marks their third appearance in Columbus in 2011, and since I missed the first two, I’ve been looking forward to this one. The well-rounded bill also includes BOBBY, who released a critically-acclaimed debut album over the summer, and local 3-piece Strangers in Daylight. Doors are at 8pm, $10 cover at the door.

Audio Eagle Presents: A Compilation of Bands from Ohio

MP3: Secret Histories by Brainbow
MP3: It’s a Bubble Bath of Sharks!!! by Beaten Awake

Akron label Audio Eagle (launched by Pat Carney of The Black Keys) has released a new compilation of songs from bands all across Ohio. Featuring such donewaiting.com favorites as Doug Gillard, Deathly Fighter, Six Parts Seven, Brainbow, and Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, it really is a nice artifact showcasing what’s going on here.

You can pick up the record in various independent record stores throughout Ohio or directly from the label.

1. Doug Gillard – For What I’ve Done (North Carolina/Cleveland)
2. Goodbye Ohio – Gabrial (Akron)
3. Coffinberry – Earthworms In the Sun (Cleveland)
4. Machine Go Boom – Gentleman’s Reply (Cleveland)
5. The Strange Division – New Way of Thinking (Akron)
6. JJ Magazine – Dinner (Cleveland)
7. Beaten Awake – It’s a Bubble Bath of Sharks!!! (Kent)
8. Clouds Forming Crowns – Let It Take Hold (Cleveland)
9. Buffalo Killers – The Path Before Me (Cincinnati)
10. The Black Keys – Nobody But You(Akron)
11. Hell’s Information – Song Six (Akron)
12. Deathly Fighter – New Variations on Themes (Columbus)
13. Six Parts Seven – Stolen Moments (Kent)
14. Brainbow – Secret Histories (Columbus)
15. Southest Engine – We Have You Surrounded (Athens)
16. The Same Things – Red Carpet (Akron)
17. Goodmorning Valentine – City Lights (Akron)
18. Heartless Bastards – All This Time (Cincinnati)
19. Houseguest – King of Crystal Skies (Akron)
20. Celebrity Pilots – Let the Shade Shine In (Cleveland)
21. Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Chalklit Pyhe II (Youngstown)

(tracklisting links lovingly jacked right from the code of I Rock Cleveland, where they’re running a contest to win copies of the album)