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Friday: Bang Tango @ Slapsy Maxie’s

One of the handful of early ’90s sleaze rock bands still making a meager living by being road warriors, Bang Tango returns to Columbus and Slapsy Maxie’s on Friday night, just a little over a year after their last show here.

Known mostly for their MTV hit “Someone Like You”, these days the band consists of only one original member, singer Joe LeSte. In the meantime, the rest of the guys from the original band have started their own version of Bang Tango (known as Bang Tango Redux). Just what we need, right? At various points in the last few years there have been multiple versions of LA Guns and Bulletboys touring as well.

Here’s a video I shot last March.

Wednesday: Bang Tango @ Slapsy Maxie’s

I love that Slapsy Maxie’s is booking the occasional Alrosa Villa-type ’80s hair metal band. Last month they brought in Dirty Penny, a retro-sounding current band heavily influenced by the sleazier side of Sunset Strip, and Wednesday night, Bang Tango, best known for the Headbanger’s Ball hit “Someone Like You”, take the stage.

The question is, which Bang Tango will we get? Sounds like the show in Maryland on 3/5 was a decent one but a post on the Metal Sludge message board from 2 nights ago said that singer Joe LeSte (the only original band member left) was wasted during the band’s gig in New York and that LeSte took off after the show leaving the rest of the band to track him down.

Deep 6 and Planet 9 will open the show with the first band going on around 9pm (I expect Bang Tango will go on sometime after 11pm). Cover charge is $6.