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Record Store Day in Columbus (includes Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags)

Columbus is lucky to have more than one awesome independent record store. Go support them often, but especially this Saturday, April 17, for national Record Store Day. Here’s a quick rundown of the goings on at the Big Three (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids, Lost Weekend), including Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags from 1-2:30pm. Feel free to post additions, things going on at other stores, etc. in the comments.

Used Kids

(Plus PBR and pizza)

Magnolia Thunderpussy
Open hours: 10am-9pm
Ben Folds works the register 1-2:30pm
1PM – Karate Coyote
2PM – Hurt People Hurt People
3PM – Scattered Needles
3:30PM – The Altered States of the United Snakes
4PM – Christ
4:30PM – The Metagame
6PM – Exwhites
7PM – Deprecator
8PM – Kingpin

Lost Weekend
33% off all USED LPs
45% off all USED 45 rpms 7″ records
78 rpm records for ONLY 78 cents
10% off all NEW LPs and Cds
20% off everything else (except RSD exclusive titles).
Also: “Saturday will still be the super huge discount day and we will not be putting any RSD exclusive titles out early however we will also have a sale on the Friday before and the Sunday after. On those days we will have 20 % Off everything Used and 10% off everything new.”