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Bigelf Reviews in the Friendship Farm


Honestly, I don’t really know who Bigelf is. The people in our message board, do, though. The band recently played Columbus and I was struck by how completely different the reviews have been. Click here to read the discussion

Gonzo loved the show:

If Jesus had giant balls, a shit ton of gear and 3 other bad mother fuckers and they formed a band I’m sure it would be the closest thing to Big Elf. Or in other words, Big Elf is the closest thing to seeing god. All I can say is holy fuck. My head was blown off. Kennedy style.

Not so much for cruise_elroy:

and the least that douche singer coulda done is not show me his satin crotch the whole fucking time. most douchey and disturbing keyboard configuration ever. a very, very serious contender for worst show i’ve ever seen. good thing the new bartender is hella cute.

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