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Video: The Black Keys Have No Current Plans to Release Blakroc 2

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Patrick Carney, the drummer of the Black Keys was asked about Blakroc 2 in this interview with an Atlanta radio station. According to this video, the Keys worked on 8 Blakroc 2 songs in October of 2009, and a trailer was made then.. But there are no current plans to release those 8 songs, and why the trailer was leaked is uncertain. This video was spotted at the Black Keys Fan Lounge,. Click the previous link for more info.

Keys fans can be stoked though, because a new Black Keys record is coming soon, maybe in early 2012 and it is said to be an end to end burner.

BlakRoc 2 Trailer

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A trailer popped up on the internet to announce that Blakroc 2 exists in some form.
And it has the Black Keys teaming up with Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, Curren$y, OC, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Price, U-God and more
As far as the release date, or even a plan to release it…
The Black Keys are currently in the process of gearing up for the follow-up to Brothers so a Blakroc 2 release date doesn’t look like it is in the immediate horizon.
The Key’s drummer Patrick Carney joked on his twitter about BlakRoc 2’s current release plans:

MP3: Curren$y X the Alchemist “Covert Coup” EP

MP3:Curren$y & the Alchemist “Covert Coup” EP

Curren$y teamed up with the Alchemist to make easily one of the coldest releases of the year, Covert Coup. I don’t even smoke and I feel like I stepped into one of those money cash grab booths and instead of air propelling the money, a straight gush of kush is making them dollar fly. Successs in my cologne in deed.

Diamond Supply also got some “Covert Coup” shirts you can cop here.

And the Well-Versed has a pretty good Curren$y interview about this project where also he discusses laying a verse for Blakroc 2 on.

Backcover with tracklisting after the jump.
Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, Fiend and Smoke Dza guest on Covert Coup. Continue reading

Jay Electronica Brings Diddy and Mos Def Onstage for “Exhibit C”

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Jay Elect’s buzz is reaching Nas pre-Illmatic levels…In the above video Jay brings Mos Def and Puff Daddy onstage to “civilize an 85er”.

Still buggs me out how he tied the F.O.I, Nicholas Telsa and Mgmt together.

Actually, the most bugged out thing is that Jay Electronica puts a Ancient Moorish Science Fez on Diddy’s head.

You gotta feel the “We Love Haiti” chants before Jay sets it off.

Interview with Fool’s Gold’s Sammy Bananas


MP3:Kid Cudi, Kanye West, & Common-Make Her Say (Sammy_Bananas_Remix)

Sammy Banana’s is playing at Bristol Bar this Friday along with CJ Townsend, and DJ Dan from Paradise Garage. He puts out music on Fool’s Gold Records (A-trak, Kid Sister, Cool Kids etc). The New York Native dejays all-around the globe.

I met Sammy in the beginning of November. Dood booked Columbus’ CJ Townsend to play at Piano’s in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
I was in the city, hanging out with Pat, and Mike of the Carney family
We met CJ and Lil Franz up at Piano’s because it was CJ’s 21st bday. (if you know me, ask me about me getting really drunk and stomping on a grown man’s feet, and trying to run his pocket because I was confused of his intentions and didn’t like how he looked in general)

Sammy played classic New York rap half the time, and house the other half.
CJ and Sammy sampled Gucci Mane’s adlib “Burr” “Burr”,and would press a button that would repeatedly make this adlib audible at random intervals whenever they felt like it.
Regardless of what music they were playing.
Be it Golded Era Hip Hop, House, New Jack Swing, Electro or Fidget R+B.

Even though we were drunk in NYC, it felt like we were in Columbus.

Sammy really likes R+B and New Jack Swing. He is huge fan of the 90’s. So I figured I’d quiz him on his preferences.

In Living Color or SNL with Chris Rock?
In Living Color. I like the Fly Girls.

Living Single or Family Matters?


Living Single was was the show that Friend’s appropriated for white people like Elvis and Family Matters had Urkel.
Definately didn’t watch Urkel.

Family Ties or Alf?
Alf. I’m fond of Aliens. I’m a a big XFIles fan.

Haha..perfect…Fresh Prince or Independence day
Independance Day is a good movie. But I’m going to go with Fresh Prince.

But Independence Day had aliens.
I said I like Indepedence Day. It is a good movie. But Fresh Prince captured the 90’s, Fresh Prince had juxtapositions that allowed for comedic events to transpire.
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MP3: Blakroc ft. Mos Def “On the Vista”

MP3: Blakroc ft. Mos Def – On The Vista

mos def

This is the Mos Def Blakroc jump-off. 

Hype is building on this album set to drop November 27th.

Blakroc even got a MSK endorsement

Video: Blakroc “Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)”

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Official video for the the Black Keys, Mos Def and Jimmy Jones Blakroc modern blues “Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)” jump-off.

Blakroc in stores November 27th.

MP3:Blakroc feat Raekwon-Stay off the F’n Flowers

MP3:Blakroc feat. Raekwon – Stay Off The Fuckin Flowers

Rae easily has the best Hip Hop album of this year, with his stellar Only Built for Cuban Links 2

And on this new Blakroc jawn he has a couple of lines that really spell out the tension of a moment, like “I’m ready to cum. She is looking at me with a relavent stare” or “these are all ruthless n#gga’s that don’t seem glad”.

The Black Keys produced soundscape for this song proves that the Keys can match a grimey street narrative, a feet a live band hasn”t pulled in Hip Hop since “Illadelph Halflife”.

Blakroc drops November 27th
Raekown plays Alrose Villa December 11th.

Blakroc: Video of Rza Recording With The Black Keys.

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Remember when Black Keys were in Mass Appeal Magazine alongtime ago?

(I read it at a Books A Million in Lafayatte, Louisiana during the process of stealing the Espo book, “the Art of Getting Over”. I had already placed the book in my pants, and was flipping through magazines to ensure no one was following me.The article was about how this Akron band really liked the Wu-Tang Clan. So I stole that magazine too by curling it up and sliding the periodical up my shirt sleeve. Kinda risky but it was an impulse theft.)

Flash Foward a decade later.

Black Keys doing a Hip Hop album, Blakroc, with a zillion legends.

So Rza walks in the studio and says, ‘can I play some awkward guitar licks for y’all to build off of.’

Black Keys ,” sure!!”

So just as a fan, its kinda bugged to see Rza play guitar, rap and smoke weed with the Arkon band. Enjoyed watching the video throughly.

below is what is what one of the songs with the RZA sounds like. Also features Pharoach Monch of Organized Konfusion/ “Simon Says Get the fuck up” fame.

Blakroc comes out November 27th.

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MP3: Blakroc (Black Keys x Jim Jones x Mos Def) “Hoochie Coo”

Photo Credit:Danielle Kline from last years Jim Jones show. Not to be confused with the one I am mentioning in this blurb.

MP3:The Black Keys ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones – Hoochie Coo –

Dipset shows in Columbus, and Jim Jones in paticular were always an interesting spectacle throughout the duration of the crews artist thug -in-residency here in the C-O because there was always an feeling in the air that admidst that there may be some sort of animosity in the room.

witnessing what maybe  the source of stress in jim jones life after the jump

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