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Odd Future 2011 Fall Tour Dates

Odd Future is touring the North America this fall. The GolfWang tour is ALL-AGES and features no opening acts. There will be an opening set by OFWGKTA’s DJ Syd the Kyd. But other than that…no random dudes who know the promoter to drain away the energy.
Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator has been nominated for a 2 VMA’s. You can vote for Tyler here and here.
If you want to make yourself more excited about this tour then peep Pitchfork’s and OkayPlayer’s reviews of MellowHype’s Blackenedwhite.
Fan on-sale Wed (8/3) + general on-sale Fri (8/5)/ Sat (8/6) for show tickets.

It appears that if you live in Columbus, Ohio and you want to see duh WolfGang then you will have to head to Cincinnati or the D. If you go to the Show At Bogarts in the Nati then check out the mural my friends and I did a few year ago on the side of the venue.

After the jump a watch a video of “Sandwitches” live in Los Angeles that Lance Bangs shot while compiling footage for Odd Future’s Adult Swim Pilot..

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Behold A Pale Horse(IOK Reunion)

“They say the end of the times is near, so I walk a righteous path, holding a beer.” Common

Graffiti crew IOK celebrated its 11 Anniversary in the Nasty Nati this weekend. Writers came in from all over the country for this reunion. I suspended my graffiti retirement for one day to get down on this production, which is on Bogarts in Cincy. Our theme was “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse”. It kinda cracks me up that in Columbus, people can’t even paint angels on a legal wall on High Street. But in the Queen City you can paint graphic depictions of the end of the world. Could you imagine this in Pearl Alley behind the Newport?


Character by Gamble IOK

More pictures of the IOK Reunion after the Jump.
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