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Video: The Honey Brothers w/ Marky Ramone – “I Wanna Be Sedated” (live)

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So BoMA is now The Bluestone, and for the church-turned-club’s “inaugural event” last night, they brought in The Honey Brothers featuring Adrian Grenier aka Vinny Chase from Entourage. I did not realize this band existed before this week. (One band member’s name is Ari Gold.)

There was talk of a “surprise guest,” and it turned out to be Marky Ramone, who sat in on drums. (I think Ari Gold is playing ukulele.)

It all looks/sounds kinda awkward.

Major Lazer at Boma Tonight aka Sooon aka LGBNAF

video of diplo last time in columins

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Dear Diplo & Switch,

Thanks you for making me okay with tanning. I’m dubbing tonight an honorary Satanic Spring Break,

Also thanks to your mixtape triphoppers know who Gucci Mane is.

Wes “Waka Flocka Seagulls” Flexner Continue reading

MP3: Major Lazer: Bruk Out (Destructo/Uberzone Remix)


Here is a Major Lazer remix by Rick Rubin/Knottsberry Farm affiliate Gary Richards aka Destructo. Download and pre-party for the Columbus Major Lazer Show at Boma April 6th.

MP3: N.P. of Thought Set “If You Down…”

Enphanate,Meta4ce,Rich,Gorf, Envelope, and N.P.

MP3: If You Down… by N.P. aka Npayshint of Thought Set

If you copped the Catalyst’s Fuck The Radio Mix Cd then you are already familiar with N.P. Or you might have heard him on either of Envelope’s album. He was the one at the end of “Turn it up ” singing:

“Sometimes I am pot head. Other days I am an alcoholic. One day I am gonna drop dead. And that’s the only way I am gonna stop it”

If you didn’t hear those songs…let me see. He has a voice and hook writing ability that a Method Man fan can run with and rap patterns that can compete with any NYC smack dvd mc. In fact Smack or Hood to Hood shoulda been a Boma last Summer when N.P. fought like three doods by himself in the parking lot.

Get Right had just ended, and a huge brawl broke out. When everything started making sense the whole thing looked like the video game Double Dragon or a like a Chuck Norris movie. Basically multiple people were attacking N.P. and he was just dropping them. It was funny cause normally when you see a bunch of doods attacking one of your friends your instincts tell you to intervene. But in all of us there was a weird calm like..Reggie has this. Don’t ruin it for him.
And sure enough. Dood knocked them all out.

This isnt to say N.P. is a thug or a criminal. I am just saying dood fought and beat up multiple attackers at once.