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Tuesday in Columbus: Buke & Gass

YouTube Preview Image

Buke and Gass make music much bigger than they appear. Homemade instruments are only the beginning of the story. Their “dizzying two-guitar polyrhythms” are joined by insistent percussion and vocals that have earned them comparisons to the Dirty Projectors. Now might be the time to catch them at a small venue. Their 2010 release, Reposte, was listed among NPR’s top 50 of the year. The above video gives a little taste of the power and energy from the album.

Tuesday’s show at Kobo (with the Jellyhearts, Talk Normal and Old Hundred) will be their first in Columbus, but they made a splash at CMJ in New York this fall. The New York Times wrote about them twice! Previous gigs include opening for Efferklang and the National.