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NoBunny @ Cafe Bourbon Street Tonight

MP3: Chuck Berry Holiday

On Thursday, June 17th, America’s favorite hard partying furball known as Nobunny is set to invade Cafe Bourbon Street. A wild good time is guaranteed! To those not in the know, Nobunny is a dude in a bunny mask who performs catchy rock & roll songs and turns the place upside down doing it, sometimes wearing nothing but the bunny mask. Sounds great, don’t it? But it’s not just about flying beers, bunny masks, and other shenanigans, which there’s gonna be plenty of. Nobunny’s debut LP Love Visions (2008) was packed with hooks that hang somewhere between Chuck Berry, Beach Boys and Ramones. It was received very well by reviewers and the fans alike. His wild stage antics only helped cement his notoriety. Since then he’s done a few singles, a couple of cassette tapes and a couple of comps. And lucky for us, it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon.

Bottom line, BE THERE! See it with your own eyes so you could some day tell the tale. Also, on the bill are local pop favorites Day Creeper and freshly back from their European (mis)adventures Savage Pinkos with their brand of bratty garage punk. See you there….