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New Times New Viking album “Born Again Revisited” out September 22nd

I got bored of searching for images of people I know dancing at the Hi-Five or Red Zone and/or vandalizing property and I came across this on

From the Matablog announcement

Times New Viking delivered the master recordings to their forthcoming LP/CD/digital album ‘Born Again Revisited’ (OLE 860) on a Video Home System cassette. Addressing the mountain of constructive criticism they’ve received from self-styled musicologists wanna-be producers and persons with my initials, the Columbus based trio promise their 2nd Matador album (and 4th overall) features “25% higher fidelity”, a percentage our own engineering staff has confirmed after hourse of exhaustive laboratory tests.

Matador also gave up this new MP3:Times New Viking:No Time No Hope.

If this makes your really happy that Columbus’ champions have a new record coming out…. Go to Bourban Street & stair at them while they drink.

Matt Horseshit, Golden Birthday, & Techno Prisioners are there playing tonight