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New band alert: Counter Intuits (Ron House & Times New Viking’s Jared Phillips)

Tuesday night at Cafe Bourbon St., Columbus friends and fans will say goodbye to Times New Viking guitarist Jared Phillips before he departs to Cleveland this weekend. Before leaving, though, Phillips partnered up with Ron House to record some songs for a new project they’re calling Counter Intuits. House said he plans to release an LP of the pair’s lo-fi recordings titled Sheets of Hits on his newly formed local label, Pyramid Scheme. Look for the release in early November.

Connections, Gamma World and Ron House will play tonight’s farewell show (9pm, $5), and House says he’s trying to convince Phillips to let him do karaoke versions of a couple Counter Intuits tunes before Connections take the stage.

Still no news, though, on a new guitarist for Psandwich, House’s other post-Great Plains/TJSA band.

Friday in Columbus: Eternal Summers @ Cafe Bourbon St.

YouTube Preview Image

With everything going on this weekend — Watershed CD release, Megacity, Peach District Classic, Go West, etc. — don’t forget Eternal Summers is headed to Bourbon St. on Friday in advance of their next record, Correct Behavior, out July 24 on Kanine Records. Above is the video for “Millions,” which finds the Virginia duo going Office Space on a TV and displaying other various destructive behaviors in the desert.

Dirty Girls and The Beers open. 9 pm at Cafe Bourbon St. (2216 Summit St.) $7, 18+ ($10 under 21).

New band alert: Connections featuring members of Times New Viking, 84 Nash, El Jesus

That flyer is for tonight’s debut show of Connections, a new Columbus band with a noteworthy lineup: Adam Elliott of Times New Viking, Kevin Elliott of 84 Nash, Dave Capaldi of El Jesus de Magico, Philip Kim of Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch and Andy Hampel of 84 Nash. Kevin Elliott posted some Connections songs on SoundCloud awhile back, but those have been taken down because, Elliott says, “They weren’t representative of what we are doing now. Until tonight, it’s somewhat a mystery as to what we sound like.”

Not content with just one debut show, Connections will play three in a row this week:

Wednesday (5/16) @ Kobo
W/ Francis Bacon Band
Something Somethings
Smart Girls

Thursday (5/17) @ Cafe Bourbon t.
W/ Washington Beach Bums
WV White
Live comedy from “Doin’ It Wrong”

Friday (5/18) @ Double Happiness
W/ Psychedelic Horseshit
Jeff Fernengel (Tree of Snakes) in the lounge

You can also catch Connections at Megacity Music Marathon June 9.

Saturday: 28 Degrees Taurus, Love Culture, Brujas del Sol, Them Labs @ Cafe Bourbon St.

Killer bill with a pretty diverse lineup of bands performing at Cafe Bourbon Street on Saturday night.

Here’s what I wrote about Boston’s 28 Degrees Taurus’ All the Stars in Your Eyes for the spring 2011 issue of The Big Takeover.

The fuzzy guitars, the mildly-detached vocals, the lo-fi recording of a hazy sound that deserves to be recorded in hi-fi – Boston’s 28 Degrees Taurus leaves me with a longing for the mid-90s DIY concert scene in which donations helped buy the band enough gas to get to the next college town where they wouldn’t wash or rinse but would definitely repeat. While “ambient” makes me think of Moby, there’s an undeniable dream-like quality to the music which is part Beach House, part Sonic Youth, part Seam. I think that secretly Karina Dacosta (bass, vocals) and Jinsen Liu (guitars, vocals) know just how good they are but in public are humble about their talents which makes them even more charming and endearing.

Brujas del Sol, my new favorite Columbus discovery, have just released Moonliner Vol.2 – a trippy 2-track EP finding a hypnotic groove somewhere between space and the desert. (And this volume’s got vocals!)

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Saturday @ Bobo St: Day Creep “Death Bell Chimes” Release Show

MP3: Day Creep – Dive into the Ground

If you haven’t picked up Aaron Troyer’s last Day Creep tape Underneath The Mess, get with it. I picked up my copy back in June and it’s hardly left my cassette player since. Luckily, he’s made a second one and will be releasing it tomorrow night at Bourbon St.

You can hear Aaron play songs from Death Bell Chimes (released on Snow Clone) as well as catch Turquoise Feeling and Messrs (Mat Bisaro and Bo Davis’s new band) with DJ Huggybear playing records all night. Pop in and pick up at least one copy (or five if you’re lazy and haven’t bought everyone Christmas gifts yet).

Bill Fox reveals new album details in interview

Bill Fox at the Treehouse, July 2010

Bill Fox — he of Cleveland’s The Mice, subject of Joe Hagan’s 2007 legend-establishing piece in The Believer and an Overlooked in Ohio alum — hasn’t released any new music since his two decade-old solo albums, Transit Byzantium and Shelter from the Smoke (the latter of which was reissued on vinyl in 2009 by Robert Griffin‘s Scat Records.) Nor has Fox granted an interview in years.

So I didn’t expect much more than a polite decline when I contacted Fox about his upcoming Columbus show on Saturday (details below). To my surprise, he emailed responses to some questions and revealed a new album coming in January:

As far as new material is concerned, there will indeed be an album released in January. The record is titled One Thought Revealed and will appear on Jar Note Records, a label which is being created by [friend and manager] Tim Rossiter. The CD was recorded autumn 2009 into last year with a couple of tracks written right around that time, a couple others around the millennium’s turn and several more 2006/2007, to the best of my recollect.

Read the full interview over at The Other Paper, where Fox also talks about Nada Surf’s cover of “Electrocution” and his song “Men Who are Guilty of Crimes,” which soundtracks a recent Occupy Wall Street video by ex-Clevelander Michael Nigro.

Bill Fox will play Cafe Bourbon St. (2216 Summit St.) Saturday (11/5) alongside acoustic sets from Jim McKeivier and Marcy Mays (Scrawl). Doors at 9 p.m. Cover: $6.

Video: Times New Viking as tour guide

Times New Viking gave Rhapsody a tour of TNV-relevant Columbus spots as part of the website’s “Guide to the Galaxy” feature. There’s CCAD, Topiary Garden, Wexner Center w/ fast-forwarded Jerry Dannemiller & Matt Horseshit cameos, Blue Danube, Kyle & Lost Weekend, Musicol (sorta) and Bourbon St. (“You ever see Kings of Leon change a trash bag?”)

Because Rhapsody is really cutting-edge, they decided not to give an embed option, so that’s a smaller-sized hack version. Bigger video here.

New Times New Viking album in 2011. If it sounds anything remotely like “No Room to Live” I will love it. 300%.

Also July 10: Oblivians, Bassholes, Cheater Slicks, Dex Romweber Duo

So there’s that Ted Leo Benco show at Skully’s after the much-posted-about Parking Lot Blowout on July 10 (Gibson Bros, Scrawl, Turks). And now there’s also this, after the Blowout ends, at the Summit:


My, oh my… Tickets go on sale June 10 at Cafe Bourbon St.

(As always, the hype section of the message board is a good place to keep tabs on upcoming shows and get details like set times, start times, etc.)

Clipd Beaks Unleash Hoarse Lords Tonight at Bourbon St.

There’s something brewing out West that I can’t quite put my finger on. In Los Angeles especially, neon-clad weirdos donning robes play at places like the Smell, releasing crusty limited edition EP’s on labels such as Not Not Fun. Groups like No Age, Indian Jewelry and Health have produced a sort of Warholian version of the left-field free music that’s been going on in LA and the Bay Area for decades.

For the second time in a year Clipd Beaks will be bringing their version of Californian dystopia back to the Midwest – the four member were all raised in Minnesota – this time with a full-length in tow. Hoarse Lords, released today on Lovepump United, is a confident collection of psychedelia, trash and groove-fuck party anthems for kids going nowhere. Much like our own city’s El Jesus De Magico, Clipd Beaks are motored by a shaman-like (and reverb-drenched) singer and tend towards heavy, mid-tempo mind-fucks that will get bodies moving.

Hoarse Lords is not perfect by any means, but any time a bands displays equal love for Royal Trux and This Heat while being electronically-inclined enough for Kid 606 (their first EP was on his Tigerbeat6 label), you have to give props. Couple that with an affection for the road and you’ve got some great potential.

MP3: “Black Glass”

Clipd Beaks will play with Styrofoam Duck and locals Thee Sons of Daughters in Columbus tonight at Cafe Bourbon St.