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Video: Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O’Reilly. U-mad

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Lupe Fiasco’s song “Word’s I Never Said” spoke critically on school funding cuts, the War on Terror, Israel, Muslims that commit violence, and rappers that solely looking to Tupac for rebellion.

Bill O’reilly didn’t like Lupe’s statements about the War on Terror. So Bill brought in Fiasco on his program for a debate.

So there has been two discussions going:
1.How did Lupe do?

2.Did he do better than Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s infamous “U-MAD” segment vs. O’Reilly?
Obviously, Lupe was speaking more seriously.
But did he own O’Reilly like Cam did?
Cam’ron’s U-mad segment after the jump
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MP3:Cam’ron-Huddy 6 (Tribute to Huddy Combs)

Cam’ron, Miss Info and Huddy Combs. (photo via www.missinfo.tv )

MP3:MP3:Cam’ron-Huddy 6

Cam’ron’s tribute to Harlem Rapper Huddy Combs who died in a car crash earlier this week.
I don’t know much about Huddy Combs, but I know he was friends with Columbus rapper/producer Rashad Thomas of the 3rd.
I figured while remembering Eyedea, it should be noted another member of the Columbus Hip Hop community lost a friend.

Dipset Working With Dr. Dre?

Well, I guess my theory that Dipset will be part of a new launch of Roc-a-fella is completely off. It looks likes rumors of Dipset on being on Interscope might be a reality?
Jim Jones tweeted today that they just got out of the studio with Dr. Dre?

interesting that appherently as rich as Dre is, he only owns one Nautica shirt, and wore it to both Jay-z and Dipset record sessions?

Sest ID Cooks Up “Crime Pays” Burner In L.A.


Looks like graffiti writers fucking with Dipset is not just an Ohio thing. The homie Wands sent me this wall by Sest ID repping for Cam’s new album “Crime Pays” out in Los Angeles.

After the jump peep footage of Bucket doing a Cali freeway spot in L.A. with “Reppin Time” by Jim Jones in the background. Continue reading

Donewaiting.Com Presents Party With the Universe Presents Dipset Appreciaton Night


This very website is throwing an event at Columbus’ Premier nightclub Spice Bar. This time around its Dipset Appreciation Night featuring the Catalyst covering Diplomat songs backed by Triceratops.
Myself, Johnny Cashola, & Detox will be playing all your Dipset standards throughout the evening.
Dirtnap will host.

For more info or if you have any sense of whats proper and decent during these troubled times please check out Party With the Universe Myspace

Cam’ron in Columbus This Saturday, April 4th

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I have been praying to Mecca 3 times a day. I learned Latin to fully immerse myself in communion. I haven’t gotten any tattooes because the Torah forbids it. I wear a fez instead of a tarboosh. I do not allow my reactive mind to make me unclear.
Everytime I perform sexual activities with a female I refuse to bust so that my chi will remain strong.(((makes road head weird))).

Finally, all the devotion and summonng the universes’ powers have paid off:
Cam’ron is returning to Columbus. He is performing at Karma Club this Saturday, April 4th

After the break, I cut & pasted my account of the last time I saw Cam’ron perform in Columbus on omnimix years ago.
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Cam’ron-I Got It For Cheap.

My neighbors put a lock on the wireless that I was stealing from them.
So I have not been able to update my blog.
So here is what Cam’ron action I missed.

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In previous videos Cam sold drugs in Ohio after picking up the work in Chicago because he couldnt find employment.. The above video is the “I Got it For Cheap” (Prelude) has Cam paying back his supplier. Cam is met with a little rudeness. Which is kinda wack cause he brought his supplier an extra tenstacks. I guess his boss felt like Cam was showing him up or something. Continue reading

Cam’ron-I Used to Get It in Ohio(Official Video)

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Here is the official video for Cam’ron’s “I Used to Get it in Ohio”. Some of it is in Chicago. Some of it is in the Nati. The Columbus section has Cam’ron rocking a green fur on Cleveland Ave.

Cam’ron-I Used to Get It In Ohio MP3


Cam’ron’s ode to the Midwest. Claims to be coming to Columbus soon. You live in 270 and don’t dowload this? You soft.

Cam’ron-I Used to Get it in Ohio

Cam’ron Answers Letters From Fans

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Hilarious. Cam’ron uses a bunch of white girls to mock Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, 50 Cent, Jay-z, (maybe Lil Wayne) and internet chatter in general.
“Crime Pays” 5/05
Also..the XXL Magazine with Cam is on stands now. The issue is worth the purpose all Dipstanning aside. Chairman Mao dissects emo-rap. Everyone from Slug, Eminem to Pac to Kid Cudi gets discussed on why Hip Hop is soo emotional these days.
Also, Primo, Tip, and Xtra P revisit Illmatic on its fifteenth anniversary. (Think about that 94 golden era-er’s.)