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Daymon Day 2011 Memorial Wall

At this year’s Daymon Day people painted a mural that honored deceased local icons and members of the community Daymon Dodson,  DJ Przm, “E”Camu Tao, Todd Minton and Andyman on the back of a handball court at Tuttle Park in Columbus, Ohio.

Check the mural out after the jump.

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Some Rap Joke Songs

YouTube Preview Image

Masta Ace- Slaughtahouse

Last Friday, Odd Future Records “signed” a new artist Young N*gga. It seems like it might be Tyler, the Creator having fun. Listen for yourself..

It reminded me of Masta Ace’s song Slaughterhouse(video posted above) which is probably the reason the Westside Connection started. I don’t think Tyler detests rappers like Young N*gga quite like Masta Ace did Early 90’s CB4 types.

I think he is in between parody, and role playing on that one.

After the jump some more joke raps.

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MP3: Cool Ray Slick “Camu’s Back”

MP3: Camu’s Back

Pac Back. Pun Back. Biggie Back. Eazy-E Back. Big L Back.Freaky Tah Back. Stack Bundles Back.

So it’s only right that Camu’s friend Cool Ray Slick aka Aqward proclaims Tero Smith to be back.

Video: Copywrite Featuring the MHz “Mega Mega”

YouTube Preview Image

Copywrite, Jakki, the ghost of Camu and Tage rapping at the Carabar here in Columbus.

This song is off the Life and Times of Peter Nelson available at the finer record stores everywhere.

Tonight In Columbus:Camu Tao’s King Of Hearts Release Party @ Skullys

Welp. I’d link to think anyone who claims to like music is aware of this. But we all have our own lives to lead. HOWEVER, All Eyes in the underground hip hop galaxy focus on our city as we being the home of some of the greatest talent ever celebrate the release of Camu Tao’s King of Hearts album on Def Jux/Fat Possum Records.
El-P is flying in to present our city the album, and enjoy the city that Camu loved.
ooohh so a national release in Columbus…say word..
but wait..lets not get too cool.
All the proceeds from the door benefit the James Cancer Center.
So..hopefully you will come and join us.
I feel like this is one of the musical moments that someone with pyrotechnics at the Schott could’nt trump.
5 dollar suggested donation.
DJ Pos 2, DJ Detox, DJ Carol, DJ True Skillz, and DJ Drastic on the tables
Hoster by El-Producto.
Album plays at midnight.
the packaging will make you cry.
In the Short North. At Skullys. On High Street. In Columbus Ohio.

400 LB Ear Lifts and Leak Smoke By Eduardo Jones

Eduardo Jones writes for Beatdom, a Beatnik Literary Journal. Besides his claim to HST’s ether, Mr. Jones was also good friends with Camu Tao. So in stride with Camu’s Columbus release party tonight at Skullys,I solicited memories from Eduardo and a few other of Camu’s friends. I have an interview with El-P that I’m gonna put up later this week. I already said my peace in the Other Paper,

400 Lb Ear Lifts and Leak Smoke……..

By Eduardo Jones

Mr. Flexner asked me if I’d like to share a Camu memory with everybody for his blog. Now, I started thinking back about Camu and my experiences with him, two stories really stick out in my head more than any others– so I’ll share both.

Let’s take a trip back in time to the hay days of Bernies, back when the air was alive with Hip Hop, raw sewage, blunt smoke and the smell of 200 sweaty assholes on a Sunday night. I believe if memory serves me right is where I’d first met Camu. I was still a pretty new face around Columbus, but as fate would have it I somehow met all the right people. Jesus, it frightens me at times to think what would have happened if I’d met some meat head frat boy instead of Asend and Lil Steph. Continue reading

MP3:Copywrite Ft/Middle Distance Runner-Forever and A Day(Produced By RJD2)

Tuttle Park, Columbus Ohio

MP3:Copywrite-Forever and a Day

“On Forever and a Day” RJD2 and Copywrite work together to mourn their fellow Megahert, Camu Tao. They brought in an indie rock group, Middle Distance Runner, to add layers and sing the hook. This is the first song on Copywrite’s upcoming album the Life and Time of Pete Nelson due out in October.

Def Jux and Fat Possum are putting out Camu’s album King of Hearts August 16th

(I swear to Allah that I’m not trying to get on this computer and talk about death everyday. Not to get all Jim Carrol, but, 3 major figures in hip hop from Columbus did die. And both of Copy’s parents are deceased so…artists are gonna make art about what affects them )

Camu Tao-King of Hearts has a label and release date.

MP3:Camu Tao-Perfect Plan
Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death.  As I sat hear reflecting on the Columbus rapper/producer this press release arrived. I am just cuttin and pasting it because it has a letter from EL-P. as well as a description of Camu’s upcoming album and quotes from Kid Cudi, Mathew Johnson(owner of Fat Possum) among others about Camu.


PLUS Personal letter from Jaime “EL-P” Meline

camu tao_artwork

(Definitive Jux/Fat Possum; August 17, 2010)

Two years ago today  Tero “Camu Tao” Smith died after a grueling battle with cancer.  He was a friend, a son, a brother, a groom to be and last but not least a brilliant producer, singer, rapper and entertainer.  Words can not express the heartache that has been felt in the wake of his passing by those who loved and respected him.

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Mhz 1st Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbie

MP3:Mhz freestyle 98 on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show 89.9

(Via The Bustown Stomp)

Writing about the MHZ is weird for Donewaiting.com cause, do I say…RJD2’s rap group. Do I say the late Camu Tao’s rap group? Copywrite’s?

Regardless, on what would be the rock fan’s reference point, the Mhz spawned a good chunk of what Columbus Hip Hop became nationally recognized for.

The above freestyle was from when Tage, Camu and Copy apprearred on Stretch & Bobbito. We had been for years savoring bootlegs of the infuential NYC radio show.

I mean Columbus rappers were on the same show that had become infamous because of Big L and Jay-z freestyles? The same show that broke Wu-Tang’s first single?

I just being amazed how many times they said Columbus during this program. Still bugs me out listening to it now.

It was like….”Bobbito knows where Columbus is…no way.”

Daymon Day 2009 Photos & Videos

A few weeks ago we celebrated the 4th annual Daymon Day here in Columbus. We had a basketball tourney, tribute mural, emcee battle, parade and a rowdy dance party. We got our Rucker park on and then brought it into the streets.

For those that aren’t familar with Daymon Day but like things perhaps reading this article before or after viewing the following videos and pictures might give you some background info.

YouTube Preview Image

This video shot by A.J.(i think) shows the parade.

Watch it if you think marching 300 plus people in the middle of the road to Black Sabbath, Dilla, Cam’ron, M.O.P. , DJ Przm, Camu Tao, Jim Jones,Pharoah Monche and Racist Joe instrumentals to honor their fallen loved ones on an OSU gameday sounds interesting.

Photos taken by Danielle Kline that show a different detail after the jump. Continue reading