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Cue the Pete Rock Horns…

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death. Memorial day BBQ’s in Columbus poured out a little liquor and T.R.O.Yed the fallen Columbus Hip Hop supernova.

Pos 2 posted on an unreleased S.A. Smash song on the Weightless message board with this description:

…it’s an unreleased sa smash track from smashy trashy. to my knowledge this was one of the 1st recordings for the lp. przm gave me a tape so we could listen to it in the car of some of the songs they had recorded. it was fuck you 2, jerezyed out, and last night…the one with the led zepplin sample. not sure why it did not make the cut, but it’s a great track.

the quality isn’t the best. the highs are a little low. and you can here pops from time to time to where i am guessing when przm taped this, he just had it recorded to high

MP3:S.A. Smash-Fuck You 2

DJ Pos 2’s Ohio Hip Hop Comp

Pos2 with Blowfly at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

Columbus Hip Hop mainstayDJ Pos 2 recently curated an Ohio History Comp for bigtime backpack website Philaflava.
All you Ohio music nerd/historians should give it a split second because iono..its Ohio history.
Hip Hoppers should rejoice that he offered up the 3ms joint that the “Hold the Floor” instrumental was originally made for.

Read about and Download: Triple Crown Classic Ohio Hip Hop Comp

Kitchen-Motel Footage of Camu

YouTube Preview Image

When the MHZ moved to NY to solidify their friendships with Def Jux and EC, they would come home and tell us stories about living in a shitty apartment. Some of these experiences ended up on some of the Bagface 5 songs. I am assuming this video is of the Kitchen-Motel they stayed in.

“The only difference between the Wayans Brothers and the Smothers Brothers is that the Smothers Brothers are actually funny.”

R.I.P. Camu Tao

Camu Tao from Columbus, Ohio passed away earlier today due to complications from an ongoing bought with cancer. Camu was crucial in putting Columbus on the map with his brilliant, futuristic production, and in the pocket off-kilter flow as shown with the MHz, SA Smash, and the Weathermen as well as his solo work. He was just extemely gifted.

Camu also had a strong sense of humor.

I remember being at Przm’s house a long time ago; someone had fallen asleep. Camu dumped ketchup on the guys shirt. He then woke the man up from his slumber and told the groggy man that he had been shot. The now awaken man freaked out for second then was just angry cause he now had a stained shirt.

Although that is a silly story, I am just trying to say Camu was both constantly creative whether it was on a big scale like working with EL-P and Cage. Or just doing dumb shit like making prank calls.

I wasn’t close to him like I was Przm or Daymon. Hell, we were pretty much in a disagreement most of the time. But I can tell you Camu had a presence that was undeniable and charismatic. Camu Tao was a genuis.

Columbus and Hip Hop in general will greatly miss Tero Smith (Camu).

MP3:Camu Tao-Plot A Little


Someone on a RIP PRZM thread that Blueprint started on Philaflava.com posted some PRZM MP3’s.
I thought it was a decent showing of some of PRZM’s work.

MP3: 1) Camu Tao – “Hold the Floor”
From “Definitive Jux Presents II” (2002)

MP3: 2) Illogic – “Off the Clock”
From “Off the Clock EP” (2004)

MP3: 3) Copywrite – “(O.H.) Ten Times” (12″ Mix)
Original appeared on “Cruise Control Mixtape” (2004)

MP3: 4) SA Smash f/ Cage – “Smash TV”
From “Smashy Trashy” (2003)

MP3: 5) Illogic – “Don’t Go”
From “Off the Clock EP” (2004)

There is also talk about Przm on The UGHH Forums and on Hip Hop Site’s News On the DL Section. On Hip Hop Site they accidently posted Daymon Dodson’s picture.
Here in Columbus,Ohio–> Omnimix, and Weightless.net have been centers for people to gather and discuss the deceased local icon.