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Adriana Mundy’s Favorite Albums of 2010

It is indeed that time of year. Well, yes, it is late December aka Christmas/New Years time. However, when most people are trimming trees, dusting off their John Denver and the Muppets Christmas albums and throwing back some egg nog, music addicts/geeks alike are perusing every “Best of 2010” list they can find on the world wide web. That being said…

Two-thousand and ten was quite a whirlwind year for me. I became part of this brilliant music blog, had a crash course in promoting shows and met some pretty special people along the way. It’s safe to say the music released this year all served as an applicable soundtrack as it felt like new albums came out faster than I could digest them.

If you’ve read most of my posts, it’s apparent that I enjoy reporting on international acts that I feel deserve American attention (and also since the rest of the Donewaiting staff do such a stellar job of keeping up on everything).

On top of national and international releases, Columbus’s scene has also kept quite busy this year. Without further ado, here’s my 2010 list:

1. Efterklang, Magic Chairs
Watch: Modern Drift

Reasons why Denmark rules: 1. Efterklang 2.Christiania 3. Legoland

2. Finders Keepers CompilationPomegranates
MP3:Zia: “Helelyos”

Who can resist some 60’s Persian Pop/Funk/Psych?

3. Cate Le Bon, Me Oh My
Watch: Shoeing the Bones

Honestly didn’t know much about Cate before interviewing her earlier this year, now I can’t stop listening to her. (Oh, and this video is really wonderfully weird.) Continue reading

Interview: Cate Le Bon

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: Shoeing the Bones

Few new solo artists captivate my ears strongly enough to stay in my personal playlist rotation for very long. Singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon has done just this for me. With the Welsh countryside and some dark childhood memories serving as a musical backdrop, she manages to join psychedelia and folk quite naturally. (Supporting Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals and getting her album released in the UK on his label Irony Bored hasn’t hurt her track record either.) I was lucky enough to catch up with this lovely gal while at SXSW last month.

DW: You’ve been compared to Nico. Is this something you can’t get away from now or something you’ve just embraced and go with?
Cate: I think it’s out of my hands now. I think everybody has drawn these comparisons and especially if you’re female they look for the closest female match and it always seems to be Nico, which is fine. But I think it’s just that our voices are deep, it’s the only thing I can think of. And I’ve got an awful smack habit… (laughs). No I haven’t.

DW: Do you have a job in Wales or have you been able to become a full time musician?
Cate: At the minute I’ve been lucky enough to just concentrate on the music. It’s so nice to just fully concentrate on the one thing you want to do. I don’t lead a very elaborate life so I don’t need much money. Just want to continue working on it so I don’t have to go back to the cafe or keep answering the phones for awful fat businessmen.

Continue reading

SXSW 2010 Saturday Recap

Cate Le Bon

Despite my confusion about whether I woke up in Columbus or Austin on Saturday morning, I triumphantly braved the cold and put in a good eleven hours of music listening/show-navigating on my last day of SXSW. My day began with a charming interview with the lovely Cate Le Bon (check back for full interview soon) and then took me to the MOG party where I camped out at for a number of hours. While there I caught performances by Dum Dum Girls, Demolished Thought (again sans Andrew WK), Freelance Whales, Broken Bells, The Antlers and The Black Keys.

Completely ignore the fact that I’m an Ohioan for one moment as I crown The Black Keys with the best performance of the party, hands down. Broken Bells was entertaining, but didn’t stray too far from what I might expect from a Shins follow-up of Australia.

The Black Keys

More bands and photos after the jump. Continue reading