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Tonight: The Wet Darlings CD release party @ Skully’s

The Wet Darlings are doing things the right way – playing shows both in and out of town, generating press, recording new music, getting radio play on CD101 (are we still allowed to call it that?) – and generally just having a blast in the process. Tonight they’ll be releasing So Long, Lover, a 6-song EP recorded at Earthwork Recording Studio (Newark, OH).
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Andyman-a-Thon starts Friday

Each year around the holidays CD101(@102.5)FM lets listeners call in and make requests in exchange for a donation. The more money you give, the sooner your song gets played. All the money goes to CD101 for the Kids, which is then given to the Homeless Families Foundation, The Childhood League, Children’s Hospital and other orgs.

In the past, Andy Davis stayed awake for 48 hours during this marathon — hence the name Andyman-a-Thon. This year will be the first time CD101 will undertake the Andyman-a-Thon without the event’s namesake. His tragic passing over the summer is all the more reason to keep this annual tradition alive. So call in starting Friday at 7 pm: 614-221-1025.

There’s a whole lot of items up for grabs in the Ebay auction, too: a surf board autographed by MGMT; autographed Gaslight Anthem and Decemberists posters (which I’d love to have for the Clint Reno art alone), Vampire Weekend and BRMC autographed drumheads, etc. More than 200 items in all.

Photos: The National & The Antlers in Columbus

The National, The Antlers
LC Pavilion I Columbus, OH
August 2, 2010

Words by Adriana Mundy

It’s safe to say that I walked away wowed from The National’s show at the LC on Monday night. Not having seen them live before, and not being a fan of large shows, I was impressed at the band’s consistent energy and the crowd’s reciprocated respect. Continue reading

RIP Andy “Andyman” Davis of CD101

Update: from Rachael @ CD101: We have just announced a public remembrance for Andyman at the Newport Music Hall, this Thursday, from 7 to 10pm. Also, an Andy Davis Memorial Fund has been set up to benefit his family. Donations can be made at any Huntington National Bank branch or at the CD101 studios.

Very sad news in Columbus. CD101 deejay, program director, former namesake/owner of the Treehouse and Columbus institution Andy “Andyman” Davis passed away.

About 9:45pm tonight, CD101 (@102.5 FM) tweeted: “We pay tribute to @AndymanCD101 tonight at 10. He will be missed greatly.” At 10pm, after playing a Wings song, Joe Jewett came on the air to announce that Andyman drowned on Saturday night while vacationing with his family in Michigan. He leaves behind a wife and three sons.

He’ll be missed by many.

Columbus’ CD101 Moving to 102.5

WOSU Public Media, through its licensee, The Ohio State University, has agreed to terms to acquire frequency, 101.FM, to expand WOSU’s public service broadcasting for the region. WOSU expects to officially take over the station within 90 days pending FCC approval.

WWCD 101.1FM is a locally owned alternative rock radio station, which will continue to provide its programming through 102.5FM. (more info)

If you call your radio station CD101 but it’s found on 102.5 FM, you might be a redneck.

Weakened Wrap-up #21: Bloggers gonna Blog

Pictured: Nick Tolford and Company@GenWex presents: Off the Grid

Perhaps I’ve said it before (no way I’m trudging through those old posts) and If I haven’t, I’m saying it now. I’m a bringer togetherer, make it happennerer and a motherfucking idea factory. Basically what I’m saying is let’s all be cool, hang out and high five-you know? Life’s too short to not be a cool motherfucker!

In this blogisode, I pretty much ran myself ragged but I had a fuuuucking blast. Mouth of the Architect slayed, I somehow found time to check out a couple CD101 day Big Room performances, GenWex presents put on a killer benefit called Off the Grid with a bunch of awesome food and good looking people, Nick Tolford and Company made the crowd wet (myself included), The Hood Internet rocked the joint hard, I managed to catch a couple Brainbow songs at Carabar, did shots with Ron and jammed to some Team Tim Trivia (y’all gotta get on this).


Interview: Fanfarlo

(Photos of interview by Alysse Gafkjen)

In anticipation of their Columbus show this week at Outland, I caught up with Simon Balthazar, Amos Memon and Leon Beckenham of Fanfarlo while in Austin for SXSW. I must say it’s a bit intimidating walking into an interview being the face of Columbus to a group of musicians who are not only talented and finding success right now, but foreign to our Midwestern scene… quite literally. (Full disclosure: This is due to the fact that I both write for donewaiting and work for Benco.)

Donewaiting: How was Fanfarlo born and how has it developed into it’s current state?

Simon: Ok, so, the short story is.. Fanfarlo used to be a recording project and it kinda came about just before I moved to London [from Sweden]. We pretty much started releasing 7″ on friends labels [in London] straight away before there was really a band. From that recording project, I started meeting people and now it’s become this dysfunctional family of a band we are today.

DW: How long have you been playing together?

Amos: It’ll be the 4th year, later this year together. Originally we were 6, but now we’re 5 people.

S: For the last year, we’ve been playing with guest guitarists.

Leon: We’ve gone through about 6, haven’t we, in the last couple of years?

A: We’ve chewed them up, spit them out.

DW: London seems like a good place to make music, all things considered…

S: It is and it isn’t. It’s a really active scene, there’s all sorts of stuff going on. There’s a very quick turn around, things get old really quickly. And that’s a downside, I think. It’s good in the sense that there’s always something fresh to be excited about. But me personally, I’ve tried to stay a little bit out of the blog bands, you know buzz bands.

DW: In regards to your album Reservoir, how long did it take from start to finish to get out to the general public?

A: I think it was like 7 months.

S: We spent the first two months deliberating over the sequencing, the name and cover art. It’s funny, I mean we did put it out ourselves but I think if we would have had a label kinda whipping us into shape we would have gone through that quicker. I don’t know how interesting it is, you know, the way you sell a record. But for us it was interesting, it was really fun and encouraging to see how many people would get your record directly from you. Continue reading

Friday: The Temper Trap / The Kissaway Trail @ The Newport ($5 show)

U2 has attempted to make dance-rock albums but they come across as schlocky and insincere. Australia’s The Temper Trap does a much better job mixing dance rock beats with guitars and falsetto vocals. Though the band started building buzz at SXSW in 2009, it wasn’t until the film (500) Days of Summer used their song “Sweet Disposition” that things really started taking off and led to things like airplay on CD101.

For $5, this is a helluva show but, wait, there’s MORE! Act now and you’ll receive an opening set by Denmark’s The Kissaway Trail. These guys have already done time overseas opening for Editors and Ra Ra Riot, and performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival alongside Interpol and The National. The bands Yep Roc debut, Sleep Mountain, hits stores in April so this show will be a sneak preview and you’re bound to hear influences ranging from Modest Mouse to Mew to The Polyphonic Spree.

Friday at Circus: CD101 For the Kids benefit with Flotation Walls, This Is My Suitcase, others


Flotation Walls (photo by Jen Duane)

MP3: Flotation Walls – Willis The Fireman

MP3: This is My Suitcase – Fish and Dishes

On Friday night, Circus will be hosting the fourth annual Mission:Kids benefit, and they’ve enlisted some great Columbus bands to help raise money for CD101’s children’s charity CD101 for the Kids. This means that in addition to a night of high-quality local music (see lineup below), you’ll also get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that your five dollars (21+, or $7 for 18+) is helping out kids in need. And in this season of giving, isn’t killing two birds with one stone what it’s all about?

The schedule, according to CD101:
Doors @ 9:00pm
9:30pm   Stucco Jones
10:15pm Besieus
11:00pm Couch Forts
11:45pm This Is My Suitcase
12:30am Flotation Walls

Tuesday: The Whigs @ The Newport ($5 show)

CD101 presents The Whigs and The Features tonight at the Newport. $5 gets you in the door and a couple of hours of good midwest sounding rock.

“Right Hand on My Heart” sounds like Columbus circa ’93 (ala Greenhorn, Big Back 40) and the video looks like something that was shot in the backyard of my friend’s place at 2088 Tuller on campus.

Right Hand On My Heart

The Whigs | MySpace Music Videos