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Listen: Skyzoo “Jansport Strings” Remix Ft Chi Ali


Oh vey. Skyzoo got Chi Ali on the Remix for Jansport Strings which is an ode to how Skyzoo was inspired  as a child to see a young rapper like Chi Ali out there living the dream with the Native Tongues Crew.  The Jansport String narrative goes that Skyzoo got into Hip Hop because of this inspiration which helped keep him out of trouble. Interesting irony, as Chi Ali eventually ended up on America’s Most Wanted for murder despite being reared in the D.A.i.S.Y. Age. A mixture of factors exist in the world. Well, Ali is back out of jail and on Skyzoo’s song.  It must be noted that Ali expressess remorse for the killing on this remix.  It’s also a pleasure to listen to 2 people that are this delighted to be on a Hip Hop track together.

Listen – Skyzoo – “Jansport Strings” (One Time for Chi Ali) (Produced By 9th Wonder)

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