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MP3: DJ FATE “Welcome to the Midwest”

MP3: DJ F.A.T.E. “Welcome to the Midwest”

DJ FATE brings midwest club swag together on “Welcome to the Midwest”. Pop-up and pour some Rossi to Fly Union, Ray Cash, Big Sean, Lxe for the Uncool, Al Fatz, Kreg & Dez, Chip the Ripper and much more. SPLASH.

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MP3:Fly Union ft Chip the Ripper-“Tell Her”

MP3:Fly Union Tell Her (feat. Chip Tha Ripper)

Ohio all-star on the come up cut. Columbus’ Fly dot U teams up with Thieveland weedsmoker Chip the Ripper. Their advice to you? When talking to a young lady:tell her what she wants to hear.
This song advocating presenting an ideal image of yourself is off Fly Union’s Value Pack 5.
Other songs on Value Pack 5
-“We Out” which the hook boasts that “they make ladies say ho, and the hoes say owww” and they don’t give a shit if hardlegs like their music. Jerraeu also realistically flips Project Pat with Snoop .”She don’t want to be saved. Good cause I’m no hero. You don’t love me.You love my potential”
-“Go Dumb” is about having sex while weeded
-“Tonight” Is a song about determination to be successful and reps Columbus pretty hard. Aside from that The quotable on this one is “My pockets are eco-friendly. Go Green.”
-“Winter Summer”- Has a salsa summer vibe. You know, having a buzz looking for a breezy.

Download: Fly Union’s Value Pack 5