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Video: New Lydia Loveless song “Chris Isaak” on Sound Opinions

Last winter when I interviewed Lydia Loveless for Columbus Monthly, she was already thinking about her next album, saying, “I was thinking like a Chris Isaak-type album…. I have this plot to get [guitarist] James Wilsey. He did all the Wicked Game guitar parts. Now he just plays weird, instrumental desert music. I think that would be pretty awesome.”

Well, guitarist Todd May (Lilybandits, Mooncussers) is still in tow, but apparently Loveless still has Isaak on the brain. Here’s a new tune she and her band have been road-testing. This performance comes from a Sound Opinions session on Chicago’s WBEZ. And unlike “Steve Earle,” “Chris Isaak” isn’t a tongue-in-cheek stalker song. Give it a listen.