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Listen: Barely Eagle

I’m loving these two tracks that Columbus band Barely Eagle debuted on Bandcamp. Featuring CD102.5’s Tom Butler, plus alums of Deerhead and Butler’s old band Church of the Red Museum, Barely Eagle announced itself with little fanfare but great anticipation this summer. These two songs deliver. “There’s Something Wrong with the Kids in this Town” drones for seven minutes but never bores, and “Guns Don’t Kill People, Barely Eagle Kills People” is an onslaught of chunky riffage. Give ’em a listen, and head to Carabar on Saturday, Nov. 17 for their free show with Temple and Bridesmaid.

Video: Barely Eagle live at Ace of Cups

YouTube Preview Image

Barely Eagle is the new project from former members of Church of the Red Museum and Go Evol Shiki!. They made their live debut on Tuesday night at Ace of Cups and I managed to shoot a few songs.

Recordings and more shows coming soon. Check out two more songs after the jump. Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #16: What you Think I Blog for, to Push a Fuckin Rav4?

The Flaming Lips@LC

Oh hey, remember this thingie? I know, it’s been a minute. Don’t wanna hear it. I bet you can only imagine that a ton of cool shit has happened since we last got up. For example, a weekend camping excursion with a bunch of dudes, guns and fireworks(in the streets) O.K. enough will the small talk. Oh man where do I even start, the older I get the less I remember.

In this issue of “How long is Robert Duffy gonna keep letting that jackass write this crap”, I saw some sicccckkkk psych rock via Subarachnoid Space, some weirdo noise band in luchador masks, some weirdo dude in a giant hamster ball, some weirdo dude hula hooping for a really long time and I went to that thingie down town that a bunch of bands played at.

If you’re really that bored at work today click the more thingie —–> Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #1

Pictured: The Lindsay

Basically I triple dog dared Robert Duffy to let me type stuff sometimes and I mean really he had no choice. I go to shows sometimes. I go to other stuff too. I am going to attempt to tell you about the aforementioned shows and the other stuff too. Also there will be attempts at photography.

A whole bunch of words and “pictures” after the jump! INTERNET! Continue reading

Photos from the Parking Lot Blowout

Cassie Lewis took some photos of Saturday’s Parking Lot Blowout. Click here to see them all. Great shots of Times New Viking, Brainbow, El Jesus de Magico, Great Plains, and more.

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image Image

MP3: Never Easy by Church of the Red Museum

MP3: Never Easy

Hypothetically speaking…

If I ever went a little loopy and started to go on a murder spree, “Never Easy” by Church of the Red Museum would be my one song soundtrack, set on constant loop until all the killing was done. This song, featured on the band’s new seven inch, is a ton of macabre fun. It’s the sound of people doing devious things in the night with smiles on their faces.

I’m not sure how you can pick up the seven inch outside of their lives shows, but I’d contact the band via Myspace and ask them.

(and if you hear that song coming out of my iPod headphones while I’m walking down the street, you better watch out!)

Manup Music Is Dead. Long Live Nice Life

I don’t think it’s the world’s biggest secret that local Columbus record label Manup Music, co-owned by David Lynch and Carabar Ron, has come to an end. After releasing several excellent albums by bands such as Church of the Red Museum, The Lindsay, and Rosehips, the label is no more.

I spoke to Ron yesterday and he told me he’s launching a new label, “Nice Life.” The first release will be by The Slide Machine. The release show is Friday, and will also serve as Ron’s birthday party. More details about the show here. After that, there is the Church of the Red Museum seven inch later this month.

Ron said while he might put a few Columbus albums out at first, the plan is to release bands from all over the country, and not make the label locals only. There’s no website or Myspace page for the label yet, which seems to fall in line with how Ron does things.

Here’s two songs from The Slide Machine. I’m not sure if they’re going to be on this new seven inch or not, but it definitely gives you a good taste as to what they’re all about.

MP3: 2000 Czech Crown by The Slide Machine
MP3: SnakesvsHorse by The Slide Machine