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Clinton Reno Donewaiting Artwork Archive

After the launch of the site, which my friend Brandon Whightsel helped design and come up with the original logo, Clinton Reno has been the visual identity of everything we produced. This included, but was not limited to stickers, t-shirts, advertisements, posters, album artwork for Sunken Treasure, tote bags, and even my wedding invitation. Our professional relationship was never a real money-making endeavor on either side, and I like to fool myself into thinking that Clint got something out of it, too, whether it was additional recognition or me just helping him move his printing studio from one location to the next. That equipment is heavy!

Mostly for personal reasons, I wanted to collect as many designs as I could find in one post. Putting it together was a real trip down memory lane, making me realize more than ever how vital Clint’s work was to us. He was the creator of the public interface of a website, when we took our act outside of a browser and into the real world.

Check it out, and be sure to spend some time on Clint’s site too. An amazing illustrator and great friend, Columbus Ohio is a better place because he lives there. (Now, if only I can snatch he and his family up and bring him to Brooklyn…….)

10 Year Anniversary
with EYE, Miranda Sound, Cheater Slicks, Sinkane, DJ Detox, Fabrashay-A, Barely Eagle, Fumes, Bru Lei
Donewaiting 10 Year

9 Year Anniversary
with Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, P.Blackk, Zero Star, Bill Fox, Sundown, Detox
Donewaiting.com 9 Year

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Clinton Reno: My Morning Jacket Fan Club, Renegade Brooklyn, Neko Case

Our main man Clinton Reno is always keeping busy. Recently he did the artwork for the new My Morning Jacket fan club which included a logo, poster, and t-shirt. He also did recent posters for Neko Case and The Flaming Lips.

If you’re in New York, Reno will be selling his posters this weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Kiesha and I will be his employees in his booth as well so be sure to stop over and say hello.

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Illustrator Clinton Reno Launches Limited Subscription Service

Our dear friend Clinton Reno is responsible for most of the design we’ve done on Donewaiting. From the current “Donew8ing” logo (to mark 8 bloody years as a blog), to concert posters, to t-shirts, to my wedding invitations. Basically I can’t look any direction in my life without seeing him pop up.

He’s been doing poster work for quite some time, and this year is offering a very limited (read: 15) subscription service to his posters. Buy paying in advance, you’ll be able to choose 13 posters and save a ton of $$.

The details:
-Bakers dozen- 13 prints for $200, shipping INCLUDED.
-It’s a $325 value (more if you factor in shipping costs).
-You choose 13 prints out of however many I create this year*.

You’ll get the same number in the run, depending on where in the order you purchase. The lowest number available will be #6. The prints will ship just twice during the year in July and December and will ship flat. For those in town we can arrange pick ups at events in July and in December. Unfortunately as shipping is included, and to keep this easier on my end, I won’t discount the cost for local folks (apologies).

Perhaps in years to come I can get a little more creative with different tiers and such but for now we’ll roll with just the 13 prints. Who knows though, by year’s end I may be feeling crazy enough to toss in a t shirt or an extra print, but I’m not making any such promises at this moment, but you never know. I’m only offering 15, so go get one if you want.

Reno already has confirmation that he’ll be doing an upcoming Decemberists poster, something for the Avett Brothers, and many more. A good portion of his posters do sell out and value goes up. Give them as gifts or become eBay millionaires.

Below are some recent posters Reno has done. They won’t be part of the subscription, but at least gives you a handle on his art. Continue reading

New Posters from Clinton Reno: My Morning Jacket at Terminal 5, Guided By Voices in Columbus

Some sweet new posters by our bestie Clinton Reno:

My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT

Guided By Voices @ Outland – CLICK HERE TO BUY

Reno’s got a show in Columbus coming up soon.

Clinton Reno’s Avett Brothers Poster

A recent favorite poster made by my bro Clinton Reno. It’s a collaboration with Meredith Reuter.

Purchase it here.

Clinton Reno’s RJD2 Poster for Donewaiting.com 7 Year Anniversary

With the help of On the Floor Productions and our man Wes Flexner, we’re super excited to be a part of the RJD2 show next week in Columbus.

Click here to purchase tickets online. You can also get them in Columbus @ Mags and Roots.

Check out Clinton Reno‘s screenprinted poster he’s done for the event:


Died Young, Stayed Pretty @ Wexner Center Wednesday

Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian spent five years – and her own dime – putting together this documentary that is a snapshot of contemporary rock poster artists who live in rock cities other than L.A. or New York. And much like the artists she chose to feature, the film is a cut-and-paste collage of images, personal stories, theories, history lesson, and, yes, rock n’ roll.

As with any sub-culture of artist-types, there are some fucking weirdos in the movie who yammer on and on seemingly about nothing or about the crazy visions they have in their heads. Continue reading

New Donewaiting.com T-Shirts Now Available

Designed by Clinton Reno, of course. Printed on Gildan t-shirts (not as small as American Apparel stuff).

Selling for $10 + $2.50 shipping and handling. There are limited quantities, so I expect a few of the sizes to sell out quickly. Don’t sleep on it, people.

Likely our last shirt to list Columbus as the only donewaiting city. Sure to make it an eBay collectible.


Thanks to Ben, our handsome model.

Donewaiting.com T-Shirts at Comfest

We’ll be selling them at the band merch booth at Comfest for the low low low price of $5. Any extras will be sold via the website at $10.

Modeled by Ben. Designed and printed by Clint Reno, of course.


The Decemberists in Columbus 2009 Poster by Clinton Reno


Clinton Reno has done every poster for The Decemberists in Columbus, dating back from their two shows at Little Brother’s that donewaiting.com booked (that seems forever ago). Click here to purchase the new poster for just $20.

I especially love how he drew Shara Wardon of My Brightest Diamond, who is part of this tour and album: