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R.I.P. Tupac Hologram?

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Dr. Dre announces that the Tupac Hologram was only for Coachella. Sort of.

Disappointed? Do It Yourself. After the jump learn how to make your own Tupac Hologram!!

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Tupac releases more albums dead than alive

More Tupac news: According to data from allmusic (above), Tupac has released more posthumous albums than he did while alive. To note: this does not include releases on compilations, remixes, singles, etc. These stats, along with his hologram’s Coachella performance, are further proof that death is a great career move.

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Video: Tupac Hologram At Coachella

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Tupac made an appearance in Hologram form during Dr. Dre’s Coachella performance.

Video: Lil B Announces “I’M Gay” Album at Coachella

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Pitchfork tweeted that the greatest performance artist in the Twitter era, Lil B, is calling his album “I’m Gay” last night. Above is a Youtube video of the announcement.

Complex Magazine addressed Lil B’s sexuallity awhile back in this really humorous, and vulgar interview: Continue reading

Coachella 2011 includes Kanye West, Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey

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In Progress: Coachella 2008

Portishead photo by Mick 0

Coachella is going on right now. Follow along with photos on Flickr or watch live video here.