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Thursday @ Woodlands: Alan Evans Trio/Jive Turkeys

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Thursday night marks quite the epic jazz/funk party at Woodlands Tavern.  Headlining is the Alan Evans Trio, featuring drummer Alan Evans of Soulive.  His trio is rounded out by Beau Sasser on organ and Danny Mayer on guitar, and they churn out a groove reminiscent of Soulive while also carving out their own spin on the modern organ trio.  They recently released a new album entitled Drop Hop on Royal Family Records, and have complemented that release with the above 45 on Middletown, OH funk label Colemine Records.

Opening are the Jive Turkeys, Colemine’s in-house funk band (and bearing no relation to the defunct Columbus rock outfit).  Admission is $10 and doors are at 8.

Keep reading for a bonus Wu-Tang remix from label head Terry Cole: Continue reading