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MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit/White Devil

MP3:the Unholy Two-White Devil
MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit

Say White Devil. I don’t trust you. I may have been speaking a bit blanket last week when I told Waka Flocka Flame that he was the last punk rock artist standing, Especially flawed when I live in Columbus Ohio, home of Vile Gash and Columbus Discount Records, (ie 2010 I’m still fucking with Necropolis)
I apologize but what do you do when Waka Flocka Flame is yelling at you?

In all short-sided, blatant negative hubris and a half-truths, Columbus Discount Records’ the UNHOLY TWO are actually the last Caucasian American Punk Rock band standing. I’ve seen Martin Weedsteeler declare to the heavens that only Adam Smith and Chris Lutsko are real. And Martin Weedsteeler usually only believes in the complete expliotation and disdain of music.

No, but Unholy Two doesn’t just have the cosignture of total shit maniacs. Adam Smith produced the upcoming Times New Viking album…… which even you most die-hard, it doesn’t exist if it didn’t happen at an open mic or a local’s only festival, loving your CITY to the point of not knowing or giving a fuck who MIke Repp or Jim Shepard is ……..must admit that you have seen the Times New Viking on the website you go to read about music on. And frontman Chris Lutsko is actually the only member of the Unholy Two because he no one wants to fully stand for his words but him.

Well, all half-baked hyperbole aside. Don’t take my word for it. Go see one of Unholy Two’s $$KUM OF THE EARTH release parties. November 6th at Skylab or one of their three New York shows. Or find their Nationally distributed record on shelves in finer record stores everywhere shortly there after.
When you move, at” the cool bars”, people will ask you if you have heard of or know this band.
New York release parties after the jump
And yes this is really stupid. T
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MP3:Deathly Fighter-Depth Charge

MP3-Deathly Fighter- DEPTH CHARGE

To say Deathly Fighter’s Depth Charge sounds like the start of the end of the human condition would be very obvious. To say that you want to have outdoor sex on rubble, and run around with expensive robes and looted items is really obvious.
What would you do with lobsters at Krogers? And would you head to Easton, or the Horseshoe? Or would either be too much work to make a “come-up”?
Do you have guns?

Alot of my friends have been going to the gun shows on the low. They don’t even tell me. Do you have any friends that are stockpiling guns legally?
That is weird thing to think about when you are looking at the price of gas.
When someone tells you aliens will land anytime…do you act like you already knew that?
Do you like Obama or 5 Black Isrealites outside saying he is in the Illumanti more?

A.Your girlfriend would rather you shop at Easton.

This song is off Deathly Fighter’s excellent COMPLETELY DUSTED which is now available on Columbus DIscount Records

Thursday in Columbus: Wooden Shjips, Times New Viking

MP3: Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon for You (edit)

CDR plans on doing a live, in-studio recording of both bands. BYOB, music starts ~9. DIY done right.

This weekend in Columbus: CDR VII

It’s that time of year again, when grilling meat, arm wrestling, and indie rock somehow end up together in awkward sentences (like this one). This weekend is the seventh annual Columbus Discount Records BBQ, where the local label shares the wealth and gives you a wealth of local/international talent to gaze upon for as free as possible. This year’s version of the tradition entails two star-studded rock shows (Friday night at The Summit and Saturday night at Carabar) as well as a multi-faceted get-together Saturday afternoon at CDR HQ (corner of Oak and Parsons, just up the street from Carabar). Highlights:

Friday night at Summit: Sets from local Uggs-rock veterans the Guinea Worms and the most-successful, longest-lasting Rock Potluck band ever, Sandwitch (featuring Ron House), are those most likely to slay. Omaha’s Yuppies will play the part of the noisy visitors from out of town, and the night will be rounded out by intergalactic party Mormons Outer Spacist and the sheer spectacle of the Unholy Two. You will probably leave this show wearing beer.

Saturday afternoon BBQ: Obviously, free PBR and grilled eats would be a highlight of any day. However, this party also includes your chance for eternal glory with an arm-wrestling tournament! The male and female brackets are both sure to be tough, but you still have a couple days to train. If all of this is not enough, local legends the Cheater Slicks will play a set in the CDR studio around 5:30.

Saturday night at Carabar: This is where the big guns come out, so hopefully you are not drunk enough or drunk enough to enjoy it. Local wonders (and musical inspirations to Beck) Times New Viking will headline and close the festivities. I am excited for another visit from the prolific globetrotter Dan Melchior, who will surely entertain with whoever might be backing him up, and a set from Harrisburg, Ohio’s favorite sons, Mike Rep and Tommy Jay, will lend some tuneful and grizzled character to the proceedings.

More information, conspiracy theories, and conjecture here.

MP3: Ron House – “Twenty or Thirty People”

MP3: Moses Carryout (Ron House) – 20 or 30 People

They’re always there/They’re everywhere I go
They’re the 20 or 30 people that I know
We go to talk/We go to dance
And when we get real bored we listen to the band
We argue some/We never fight
We wonder if we’re drunk or something’s happening tonight

This song has been implanting itself in my morning bedhead ever since I started listening to Blind Boy in the Backseat, the Ron House LP that was originally a 1986 cassette tape on Mike Rep’s Old Age/No Age label and was recently re-issued by Columbus Discount Records. If you’re even slightly interested in Columbus music history, or a fan of Great Plains or Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, you’d be wise to pick it up (though you’ll have to go through a local shop or distributor — CDR is sold out). Everything was recorded between ’78 and ’81, mostly with the ever-sardonic House’s former bands The Twisted Shouts (feat. Rep and Tommy Jay) and Moses Carryout, but you’ll also find True Believers backing him up on the B-side version of “Chuck Berry’s Orphan.”

It’s a must-have for House devotees & completists. And if you’re new to the House of Ron, it ain’t a bad place to start, either.

Guinea Worms Album Release Show @ Bobo Tonight 3/5

MP3:Guinea Worms-B.I.S.I.

Guinea Worms are having an event to highlight the release on their long desired album Sorcererers of Madness on Columbus Discount at Cafe Bourbon Street this evening.
I don’t know much about this band and I prefer to not write book reports.
Click on their name to read an educated opinion.
And i read some statistic on how this record’s national demand exceeded it’s supply so…listen to MP3 and evaluate your evening i suppose
If Jay Electronica or Get RIght isn’t your thing tonight.

December 5 at Skully’s: Rock Potluck 2009


Picture this. You’re a musician. You’re in a local band that’s created a steady fan base. You want to test the waters of your talent, so you accept a challenge that matches you randomly with four other people to form a band. You then have 8 hours to come up with two original songs and one cover with these people whose musical limitations are potentially a mystery. Following the minimal time spent conjuring up and practicing these songs, you must perform them in front of a full audience of your Columbus peers. Oh, and on top of all that, this year you get filmed every step of the way. Nervousness ensues, the pressure’s on. Welcome to the Rock Potluck of ’09.

In its 5th year of existence, the Potluck continues its raw artistic event, boasting a roster of 41 musicians from 41 Columbus bands. Though both the challenge and combination of personalities thrown together seem like an equation for an explosive reality TV show, there is an underlying positivity. The Potluck’s coordinator, Bobby Miller, feels that the event “helps bring the entire Columbus music community together in a very unique and supportive way. Each band creates a bond and ultimately the experience they go through and the music they make together is something really exciting to hear and watch and something they can all be proud of.” More than one band created within the event has continued to play out after the fact. Sandwitch, born in the ’03 Potluck (made up of Ron House, John Olexovitch, Brett Burleson, Bobby Silver and Zac Szymusiak) has put out a 7”, played at last year’s SXSW and will soon be releasing a full-length record on Columbus Discount Records. Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #15: 99 Problems but a Blog Ain’t One

Pictured: CDR Company Picnic

Whatever…if money grew on trees I would be a money tree farmer. So I pretty much don’t have much of an opening rant so I’m going to take this opportunity to plug the gay little website that my gay little brother is part of. It’s called find Fred and it’s basically a gay eharmony/myspace/facebook/adultfriendfinder. Feel free to become a member and/or tell your friends because the sooner he starts getting money, the sooner he can start giving it to me. Also, my brother from another mother and his wife just opened up a baby boutique in Clintonville called Lottie Da so go buy stuff from them if you aren’t gonna try to find Fred.

Oh man i did some runnin’. I bet you can’t wait to hear about it. There was Dungen, Dude Locker Fest, The Entrance Band, CDRBQVI and Mr. Dibbs and a whole buncha crap happened or something. More crap crap crap after the jump jump jump! Continue reading

Drunk With Ron.org/Carabar Afterhours


we are drunk at 4am at your bar. how do you feel about the current climate of columbus?

its on on a down swing. ever 5 years we plungle. kids get very complient with their lifestyles. their lifestyles is very secure. they don’t do have to do much. in this town you can tell people in this town you are an artist.

what did you do? you didn’t do anything. you just didn;t do anything.

but if you that are an artist. does it matter?

its all smoke and mirrors. you can be the sweetest artist in town with smoke mirrors. local hipster artists.

i am not really prepared. why are drunk in your office debating.

honestly. honestly, bj and adam booked a really good weekend. thats why we are here.

do you feel like you are appreaceted in this city

oh no. if i was appreaceted in this city. i would feel awkward. or weird.
in this city i don’t feel awkard or weird. i just want to go to the after hours. that’s where the party is.

lara yarzac said.” i just farted. and was still held hostage.”

what is your favcorite album?

the latest ponytail album. she sounds like a cocteau. they are all artists from baltimore maryland. i want to book them but i can’t afford them.

funny. i saw them open for yearsayer. i walked out and yelled at the girl. your a really pretty girl.

ask us what we think of health care.

rebecca, who is the creepiest guy with local noteriety?

ron-is it me.

rebecca-sometimes ron says i am a cum dumpster.

ron-i feel like i am the colleen that tells you the truth.

is this ron’s house. it’s ron’s house.

so when does bar actually get shut down?

we will find out on august 29th. the day that happens will be the day plan the rest of our lives.

don’t talk about it. its off the books.

thats the day that mayor colemen should be scared.

i would like to ask an question.
seriously, robert duffy. why did you move away? robert duffy.i will see you in l.a. cdr took over a weekend. they did a good job. in closing this is how fucked up i am. i will say this. adam and bj put together a wonderful weekend to buy into. if you didn’t buy into. if you didn’t buy into you aren’t smart at all. if anyone thinks differently. then they are not paying attention at all.

please play attention to the kids that are doing good. ronnie b. carabar.

Pillow Talk: Mommy Be Good


Pillow Talk have never played a show and their recording was more or less done for no real cultural reasons. Nonetheless, Columbus Discount Records have just released their first seven inch and I’ve heard it’s getting close to being sold out. This is what they say on the CDR site:

While we working out the details of the upcoming debut LP from Deathly Fighter, the tape of this DF side project struck a chord with us so much that we sent it of to press within the next few days. Dual synths and a hardcore singer warbling with Trashmen ooo-maumau gusto, or better yet, as our own BJ Holesapple declares: “Suicide if Suicide was Flipper.” Six songs and a skit. Edition of 500.

Perverts will instantly like this, cowards will be afraid. Everyone in between will likely be hypnotized. They may have their first show soon, which will double as their seven inch release, but I wouldn’t trust anything that this band says.

MP3: Mommy Be Good