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Ender PBJ/3WA


Bay Bay posted this on omnimix.
Three Way Action in Third World America.

Legal on High & Euclid

I spent a portion of my weekend posted up here while some writers got busy. The funniest thing I heard was a group of black skater kids clowning bystanders that felt the wall should’ve had a political statement written on it. The skater kids started requesting that the phrase, “The NAACP Has Banned the Word N—–A”.(Imagine that spelled out on a wall on High Street without my censoring). When the writers didn’t oblige, then one kid started lobbying for just the nword. As you can see,the writers didn’t do it. The writers were painting the spot for a new boutique that is opening in that location called Industry Standard. The shop owners requested angels not racial epitaphs. So maybe the artists thought it would’nt be a good look. At least it drove off all the unsolicited “no blood for oil” requests.

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