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Listen: Meta4ce – “Ignorant” (Produced by Elite)

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Onslaught of Columbus rap today. as META4CE delivers ignorance on “Ignorant”.  Meta4ce  proclaims in the intro that “he hates everyone” and then proceeds to sound like he means it.  He actually spells “Ignorant” in the hook between lines about “not caring about the recession because he  been broke” and adlibs about check scams. Seriously, this level of hostility coupled with an even flow has been missing in Columbus rap for sometime.

This is the best Meta4ce song I have heard in a long time.. Please listen and encourage him to keep on this direction.  10/10 and I don’t even give ratings.

MP3: Hodgie Street – “Dope” ft. Jerreau (Produced By AU)

MP3: Hodgie Street [Feat. Jerreau] – “Dope”

Columbus on Columbus on Columbus. Hodgie Street teams up with Fly. U’s Jerreau over a AU banger.

MP3: Casual & J. Rawls – “Respect Game or Expect Flames” ft. Del the Funkee Homosapian (Radio Rip)

Yesterday, Columbus Hip Hop Producer J-Rawls announced The First Annual Polar Entertainment Showcase which is a free outdoor Hip Hop Showcase that features acts like S.P.I.R.I.T, P.Blackk, King Vada, Middle Child,  Fabraysha A & More at the 83 Gallery in the Short North. This September 1st showcase comes on the weekend J-Rawls and Casual will release their album Respect Game or Expect Flames. Peep a radio rip of the “Respect Game or Expect Flames” title track which has a very special guest on it:

MP3: Casual & J-Rawls Ft Del The Funkee Homosapian- Respect Game or Expect Flames (Hot 97 Rosenberg Radio Rip)

While bumping this banger, I decided to sift through some footage Path and I shot when I interviewed Rawls for the Other Paper back in May of 2011. In the below footage shot in Rawls home, J explains how he got his start in both making music, and in putting records out. It’s pretty interesting as his Hip Hop story starts in 1987 with him and friends stealing his fathers records. J. Rawls ,then, tells us how he ended up linking up with Greyhound Bus traveling Talib Kweli in 95.96 and eventually started putting his records out during the late 90’s Hip Hop boom with his group the Lone Catalysts.

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Listen: DJ PRZM Presents 3 Member Structure (3MS) – “Sick, Senile, & Crazy”

I am still working on what the fuck I am gonna write about this Columbus Hip Hop classic from 1999 that Bru Lei just put on soundcloud. Until then I am drinking a fucking beer and enjoying myself. AS YOU SHOULD.:



Video: P. Blackk – “It’s Always Sunny In Columbus 2”

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P. Blackk shows you how to do a trailer video for a mixtape. You Drop a verse. You ask where #myitchesareat while looking for your shoes and then you play Grand Theft Auto.

This is a trailer to inform you that P.Blackk has a new mixtape called, “It’s Always Sunny in Columbus 2” coming out on May 30th that will be hosted by DJ Bruni. No word if the title is a reference to a previous mixtape he did called, “It’s Always Sunny in Columbus”.   There is word that P.Blackk’s upcoming album album with J.Rawls  “Contemporary Nostalgia” will be A-1 and not Alpo. There is also word that Bakers Club is next.

Video: Fly Union- “The Hard Way”

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MP3: The Hard Way (THW)

Fly Union shot this video while visiting Los Angeles.  The Columbus trio is somewhat mum about where their hardwork is leading but I have trouble believing that linking with Casey Veggies , TDE and Dom Kennedy while in Los Angeles is counterproductive.  Buy “the Hard Way” on I-Tunes here.

MP3: J. Rawls & The Liquid Crystal Project – “Ghetto”

MP3: Ghetto

J.Rawls & the Liquid Crystal Project do jazz renditions of classic Hip Hop joints in between stylin’ for moment on their own. If you are in Columbus, I highly suggest peeping them out at their release party, April 6th.

Info above on the flyer. Enjoy the mp3, because  you know….as they say  “it ain’t where you’re from….”

Video: Rashad “The Return”

Columbus, Ohio’s Rashad returns with “The Return” off his upcoming album the Museum. This video was shot and directed by Picture Candy Music. That gorgeous scenery is Alum Creek.

Video: PATH “ETHIOPIATES” album teaser

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Shot/Edit by Joseph Charlton

Start your day or eat lunch to Columbus rapper/producer Path smoking weed in his underwear.
Here is video teaser for his upcoming mixtape Ethiopiates which is produced by a variety of artists such as Woodrow Wilson, Beautiful Lou, Jacoti Sommes, North Kid, Shawn Green and features rappers LxE For The Uncool, P. Blackk, Metro of S.A. Smash and more.

Ethiopiates will drop 4/9/12 and will be mixed by Power 107.5’s DJ Giovanny.

MP3: Fly Union “The Hard Way”

Hand typography and photo by Slave For Yourself

MP3: The Hard Way (THW)

Fly Union comes with a Jay Swifa produced beauty The Hard Way. Also peep  Fly Union’s interview with Karmaloop,  where the Columbus rap group discuss TGTC,  the pro and cons of going the indie, cologne in the studio and also accidently meeting the GZA in NYC.