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Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley) @ Rumba Cafe (Wed, Feb.17)

MP3: “Hand of God”

Jason Boesel has spent years looking at the butts of Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Ben Lee – now it’s time for the drummer to step out of the shadow and up to the mike. On January 12, Boesel released his first solo album, Hustler’s Son, on Oberst’s Team Love Records.

Difficult to catagorize, Boesel’s material is in the same post-alt.country (did I just make up a new genre?) league as bands like Wilco. There’s a folky/twang to the sound though don’t expect to catch Boesel in a cowboy hat and boots any time soon.

Jason Boesel is currently touring as the opening act on a bill that also includes Dawes and Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons. Rather than hire a backing band, Boesel has enlisted Dawes to pull double duty.

As long as the next round of snow holds off, Boesel, Dawes, and Chisel will set up shop at the Rumba Cafe on Wednesday night for what promises to be one of the best triple bills in this young new year.

Boesel took a few minutes during the first week of the tour to answer some questions I sent his way.

I hate to start off on the wrong foot so if you hate this question or want to reach through your computer and choke me, then pretend like this question was never asked. That being said – Phil Collins or Don Henley?

Hmmm, I really and truly think they’re both great drummers, singers, and songwriters. If I could only choose one, I’d go with Phil. He’s a mother fucker all the way.
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First Aid Kit releases debut record on Wichita

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: Sailor Song

As a follow up to their EP Drunken Trees, Swedish duo First Aid Kit released their full length album yesterday on London-based Wichita Recordings. The Big Black and the Blue is an enchantingly beautiful continuation from the first time I heard them cover “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” on YouTube. The raw talent is undeniable in these girls’ voices and appreciation for it can only be heightened by seeing them in person. Even more impressive is that sisters Klara & Johanna Söderberg (born in 90 and 93) have been writing and composing material since adolescence. In a post-show conversation with them during the fall, they commented on the fact that it was Conor Oberst who really inspired them to make music. Since then their creative storm has blown their music all over Europe and it’s slowly trickling its way to the Americas. Similar to Oberst, they seem to write on subjects wise beyond their teenage years. I envision a sizable demographic of desperate housewives all over Sweden blowing out their speakers on songs like “You’re Not Coming Home Tonight.”

Both releases are now available stateside, and they’ll be touring on this album in the spring.

Recommend Me: Places to Visit in Seattle, Portland

Gig Harbor Moon over Fishing Boats

I’m going to be heading out NW for my honeymoon beginning Sunday. I’ve never been to this part of the country, and while we do have some plans, I thought it’d be fun to see if you fine readers have any restaurants, places to visit, stores, etc, that might not be on our radar.

We’re in Seattle Sunday (seeing Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst*), Portland Mon-Tue, Gig Harbor Wed-Thu, and Seattle Fri-Sun.. We fly back Monday. And we’re going to see Brian Posehn on Halloween evening with Judah Friedlander.

* = musical content in the blog post