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Copywrite Recieves A XL in XXL Magazine

Columbus rapper Copywrite got a pretty good review in XXL Magazine for his upcoming album, the Life and Times of Pete Nelson.

Peep Copywrite’s newest installment of his freestyle series on Hip HopDx.
It is produced by Path of All Eyes Path, and starts off with a sample from Obama’s recent speech at OSU.

MP3:Copywrite-Three Story Building (Ft. Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm)

MP3:MP3:Copywrite: fDilated Peoples and MF Grimm- Three Story Building

Columbus rapper Copywrite teams up with Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm.
You have to give to Pete here. He is getting all these respected rappers on his project on the strength that he can rap.
The song is basically each rappers coming age story.
Copywrite’s album The Life and TImes of Peter Nelson in stores November 16th.

MP3:Copywrite feat Crooked I-Crooked Cop

MP3:Copywrite feat Crooked I-Crooked Cop

Copywrite teams up with Slaugherhouse’s Crooked I. Columbus rapping fucking with  the rapper Suge Knight cosigned after Pac passed? Yessir

This song is of Copywrite’s upcoming album the Life and Times of Peter Nelson which will be released November 16, 2010.

In addition to Crooked I, Copy’s new album features appearaces by Sean Price, RJD2, Illmind, Khrysis, MHZ, MF Grimm, Motion Man, Camu Tao and Dilated Peoples.

Pete is my friend, so I’ve heard the new album. It bangs and but also shows the side of Copywrite people loved on RJD2’s June. The Life and Times of Pete Nelson is has Pete reflecting on the deaths of his Mom, Dad, Camu  Przm, his grandfather,  as well as Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls. But besides the introspective stuff, Pete still gives you the humor, and raw lyricism that one enjoys about a Copywrite release.

Tracklisting and credits for Copywrite’s The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson:


1. It (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (produced by Surock)

2.Trooper f/Sean Price (produced by !llmind)

3.Wish You Were Here (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

4.Smile (produced by Joe Benny)

5.Y.O.G.A. Stretch

6.Best In Show f/ Planet Asia & Tage Future (produced by Khrysis)

7.Mega Mega FT Camu Tao, Tage Future, RJD2 & Jakki Da Motormouth (aka MHz) (produced by Surock)

8.Forever And A Day f/ Middle Distance Runner (produced by RJD2)

9.Bored (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)

10.Seratonin (produced by Josh Gabriel)

11.Future Throwback f/ Jet Jaguar (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

12.Three Story Building f/ Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

13.Rob The Club (produced by Camu Tao)

14.Confessional (produced by Rob Stern)

15.Alive f/ Motion Man (produced by Kount Fif)

16.Shotgun (produced by Dank Charnley)

17.Don’t Kill Me (produced by the Intalec)

18.Crooked Cop f/ Crooked I (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

19.Mother May I (produced by !llmind)

20.Tic Toc (produced by RJD2)

Dead Prez in Columbus @ Skullys October 22nd

YouTube Preview Image

It’s Still Bigger than Hip Hop. Dead Prez is playing Columbus with Copywrite and the 3rd on this bill with a few others.

While “It’s Bigger than Hip Hop” is the hit. Really, I’m using this show to show my favorite video in the history of rap, “Hell Yeah”. I posted it above. While you might not like the fact that its white people being robbed, you need to get past that and just enjoy the fact that it’s people being robbed. Why get defensive about race?

Look how much fun Dead Prez is having robbing tourists, pizza men, stores and their jobs.  Look how attractive Dead Prez are when robbing white people, pizza men, stores and their jobs.

This video is especially awesome because it shows vegans aren’t pussies. And also has a Rick Ross cameo near the end.(hint he is wearing a mask)

But yeah, Dead Prez, the one group that figured out that revolutionaries are supposed to look cool are performing in Columbus.

Anyway, Dead Prez, Copywrite and the 3rd  + more at Skullys October 22nd.

Check the facebook for more info.

Copywrite Wins Album of the Year @ 2010 Ohio Hip Hop Awards

I really don’t know what to make of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.
But they happened this weekend in the Cleveland, and I guess it is of note that Columbus emcee, Copywrite won Ohio Hip Hop Album of the Year for his ep, The Rebirth .
Skullys Music Diner won the Ohio Hip Hop Award for Best Live Venue.
For full listing of winners click here.

Also peep Copywrite’s weekly freestyle series on Hip Hopdx.

Video: Copywrite Repeatedly Punches Cage in The Head During L.A. Fight

YouTube Preview Image

Columbus rapper Copywrite videotaped punching Shia LaBeouf’s bff Cage next to a car. This video also has Copy carrying on a phone conversation after the fight with the girl in the video. The conversation is funny bc Copywrite is acting like he wasn’t involved and getting jokes in.

During the actual squabble it looks like Cage is trying to pull something out the trunk and Copy is pounding on his head. Doods used to be friends and make music together. And obviously aren’t and don’t anymore.

MP3:Copywrite Ft/Middle Distance Runner-Forever and A Day(Produced By RJD2)

Tuttle Park, Columbus Ohio

MP3:Copywrite-Forever and a Day

“On Forever and a Day” RJD2 and Copywrite work together to mourn their fellow Megahert, Camu Tao. They brought in an indie rock group, Middle Distance Runner, to add layers and sing the hook. This is the first song on Copywrite’s upcoming album the Life and Time of Pete Nelson due out in October.

Def Jux and Fat Possum are putting out Camu’s album King of Hearts August 16th

(I swear to Allah that I’m not trying to get on this computer and talk about death everyday. Not to get all Jim Carrol, but, 3 major figures in hip hop from Columbus did die. And both of Copy’s parents are deceased so…artists are gonna make art about what affects them )

MP3:Copywrite f Ill Burns Greener-Louder

MP3:Copywrite f iLLburnsgreen- Louder

Copywrite’s T.H.E. High Exulted 8th Anniversary Edition (with 7 bonus tracks) out now on Man Bites Dog Records and Copy’s his new opus The Life and Times of Peter Nelson is due in the Fall of 2010.

MP3:Killah Priest F/Copywrite & Jakki Da Motomouth-“Fire Reign”

MP3:Killah Priest F/Copywrite & JakkidaMotomouth-“Fire Reign”

Killah Priest will be releasing his new LP, The 3 Day Theory on July 6th, 2010. 14 new tracks featuring appearnces by Ill Bill, Cappadonna, Canibus, Copywrite and others.

This is obviously the song with Columbus malcontents, Copywrite and Jakki of the Mhz, on it. It’s cool cause Priest talk mystic shamen wizardy, while Copywrite and Jakki vow to be horrible people in vein with the Letter People cd we put up last week,
Well, Copy is a little reflective on this. Jakki isn’t.

MP3: Copywrite: Poorly Promote This (High & Mighty Diss)

MP3: Copywrite: Poorly Promote This (High And Might Diss)

The celebrate of the re-release of his The High Exulted Copywrite is dissing High And Mighty. They owned Eastern Conferance, the label that originally put the High Exulted out.