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MP3-Copywrite-Last Laugh


MP3:Copywrite- Last Laugh (produced by Khrysis)

One of the 8 bonus songs on the reissue of the Columbus rapper’s 2002 classic The High Exulted which is doubling as a set-up for the Walnut Ridge drop-outs new full-length The Life and Times of Pete Nelson which is out in the fall.

between the upcoming Camu album and this its good to see the MHZ legacy isn’t strictly on RJD2’s shoulders anymore,

Mhz 1st Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbie

MP3:Mhz freestyle 98 on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show 89.9

(Via The Bustown Stomp)

Writing about the MHZ is weird for Donewaiting.com cause, do I say…RJD2’s rap group. Do I say the late Camu Tao’s rap group? Copywrite’s?

Regardless, on what would be the rock fan’s reference point, the Mhz spawned a good chunk of what Columbus Hip Hop became nationally recognized for.

The above freestyle was from when Tage, Camu and Copy apprearred on Stretch & Bobbito. We had been for years savoring bootlegs of the infuential NYC radio show.

I mean Columbus rappers were on the same show that had become infamous because of Big L and Jay-z freestyles? The same show that broke Wu-Tang’s first single?

I just being amazed how many times they said Columbus during this program. Still bugs me out listening to it now.

It was like….”Bobbito knows where Columbus is…no way.”


YouTube Preview Image

Columbus’ Rapper Copywrite back with a video for the song “Stop” off his new Ep Ultrasound.

Kitchen-Motel Footage of Camu

YouTube Preview Image

When the MHZ moved to NY to solidify their friendships with Def Jux and EC, they would come home and tell us stories about living in a shitty apartment. Some of these experiences ended up on some of the Bagface 5 songs. I am assuming this video is of the Kitchen-Motel they stayed in.

“The only difference between the Wayans Brothers and the Smothers Brothers is that the Smothers Brothers are actually funny.”

Copywrite on The Wake-Up Show

YouTube Preview Image

Copywrite. The second he does something bizarre, like his pill enduced on-stage freak-out at the Catalyst release show, not the first episode that makes you shake your head in confusion, laughter and sadness; he follows everything up with  appearing on the Legendary Bay Area program, The Wake-Up Show. I would say Allah Bless Pete Nelson. But nothing is that simple. Dood can rap.

Copywrite will perform with J-Rawls &  Guilty Simpson @ Skullys Music DIner, August 29th.


Copywrite, RJD2 and DJ Przm Mentioned on Hip Hop Site’s Best & Worst Lists

Hip Hop Site is one of the larger online Underground Rap retailers. What makes them a little different from their competitors is that HHS has managed to keep their non-retail content a centerpoint and respected. And every year some Columbus groups make the list, for better or worse. I have cut and pasted the lists Columbus artists made this year.

10 Best Emcees Of The Year

Oh boy, this one will cause some arguments, but that’s the point of lists, right? The main criteria for selecting these artists was that they must have had at least one full-length album or mixtape (aka “the new album”) this year. So no, as much as we love Rakim, he didn’t make the list this year, because he didn’t release shit. The results are also based on pure skill, not style. So yeah, T.I. is cool-as-a-fan and all, but this is about the written words, not how they are said. Now start arguing.

1. Jay-Z (American Gangster)
2. Common (Finding Forever)
3. Lil’ Wayne (Da Drought 3)
4. Ghostface Killah (Big Doe Rehab, The 8 Diagrams)
5. Royce Da 5’9 (The Bar Exam)
6. Talib Kweli (Eardrum, Liberation)
7. Phonte & Big Pooh of Little Brother (Get Back)
8. Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)
9. Apathy (Baptism By Fire, It’s The Bootleg Muthafuckas Vol. 2, No Place Like Chrome)
10. Copywrite (The Jerk Vol. 0)

The 5 Most Disappointing Albums Of 2007

1. T.I. – “T.I. Vs. T.I.P.”
After “King”, we thought T.I. could do no wrong, but then he delivered the sub-par “T.I. Vs. T.I.P.”. We really tried to find songs on that record to like, and there were a few, but it was a massive let down after his 2006 release.

2. Pharoahe Monch – “Desire”
We guess old Monch wanted to get in on some of that hip-pop, cross-genre Gnarls Barkley money, and the result was “Desire”. Unfortunately, nobody really desired this LP. Sure, it had a few moments that reminded us of why we like Pharoahe in the first place. But songs like his Elvis rendition, “Body Baby”, or the Gospel road-to-nowhere, “Push”, left us scratching our heads.

3. 50 Cent – “Curtis”
Wow, you’d think after all the tough talk 50 was doing prior to the release of this LP, not to mention the stakes being extra high going up against Kanye, he’d deliver us another banger. Not so. The album did have it’s share of hot singles, but so much of the rest of it was filler, overflowing with braggadocio about A) how rich he is now B) how good he is in bed (so seductive!) and C) how big of a gangster he is. Not surprising, but with a title like “Curtis”, we expected a more introspective look at the guy – we guess that’s all there is to him.

4. Will.I.Am – “Songs About Girls”
We had high hopes for Will, after a strong series of hot beats for other people in 2006 (Nas, Game, Justin). Unfortunately, Will’s solo “debut” (this is like his third record, yo) was critically panned thanks to his strange attempts to be one of those cool rapper/singer Cee-Lo/T-Pain/Akon types. It must really suck to have something like “The Donque Song” (note the artistic spelling of “donkey”) as a part of your musical legacy, when in fact the single didn’t do donkey dick.  

5. RJD2 – “The Third Hand”
As much as we love ourselves some RJD2, we didn’t love The Third Hand. Make no mistake, RJ’s still got it – just one year earlier he delivered us the superb Things Go Better With RJ and Al LP with Soul Position. Problem was, RJ sang all over this LP. He’s not so bad on vocal chops, but let’s face it, we buy RJ’s records for the beats. A decent record, but you’ll still catch us rocking the instrumental version. 

Rest In Peace:

1. Pimp C
2. Big Moe
3. Disco D 
4. Stack Bundles
5. DJ Przm

The rest of Hip Hop Site’s List.


Someone on a RIP PRZM thread that Blueprint started on Philaflava.com posted some PRZM MP3’s.
I thought it was a decent showing of some of PRZM’s work.

MP3: 1) Camu Tao – “Hold the Floor”
From “Definitive Jux Presents II” (2002)

MP3: 2) Illogic – “Off the Clock”
From “Off the Clock EP” (2004)

MP3: 3) Copywrite – “(O.H.) Ten Times” (12″ Mix)
Original appeared on “Cruise Control Mixtape” (2004)

MP3: 4) SA Smash f/ Cage – “Smash TV”
From “Smashy Trashy” (2003)

MP3: 5) Illogic – “Don’t Go”
From “Off the Clock EP” (2004)

There is also talk about Przm on The UGHH Forums and on Hip Hop Site’s News On the DL Section. On Hip Hop Site they accidently posted Daymon Dodson’s picture.
Here in Columbus,Ohio–> Omnimix, and Weightless.net have been centers for people to gather and discuss the deceased local icon.

Columbus Represented

Last night Columbus really represented at So What Wednesdays. Place was packed, and very eager to get down to the Fonosluts, and Detox spinning Booty House.
Because of the overwhelming response Pos and Detox have given me a 90 minute version of the 2/11/01 Hip Hop Night that I leaked earlier this.week,
This 90 minute mp3 has Lozone playing everything from Wu-Tang to Whodini to Company Flow to ever cotdamn Milli Vanilli.
It has Przm’s booty house mix, and then segways into an open mic.
The open mic has freestyles by tons of cats, including Met of Sa Smash,Copywrite ,Jakki the Motomouth and So What aka Daymon.(This was prior to him dubbng himself Racist Joe)
A highlight of this freestyle session is Copywrite getting angry at a mc and dissing him a little bit on this.

The entire recording is hosted by Daymon.
His dad contacted me, and said he was thankful for the previous posted mp3.
It kinda tripped me out that his dad was listening to Daymon chant along to baudy Booty House. But it’s prolly an interesting thing fo a father to see his son in a different element.

MP3:Fonosluts 2/11/01 Long Ass Version

ODOT on new Mick Boogie/Marco Polo Mixtape

Columbus rappers Copywrite, The Catalyst, and Tage of ODOT are featured on the new mixtape by Cleveland DJ Mick Boogie.

The mixtape consists of new and old songs produced by Toronto/Brooklyn beatmaker Marco Polo compiled to promote his new album ‘Port Authority’ which drops on Rawkus May 15th.

The mixtape is up for free download HERE


01 Newport Authority Intro
02 Skoob (of Das Efx) – How I Get Down REMIX (Cuts by Jayceeoh)
03 Special Teamz – 1 Call (Cuts By Jayceeoh)
04 Masta Ace Interlude
05 Masta Ace feat. Big Noyd – Do It Man
06 Large Professor – The Radar (Cuts By DJ Revolution) *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
07 Grand Daddy I.U. – Veteran (Cuts by DJ Linx)
08 Torae – Good God Interlude
09 Kool G. Rap and D.V. Alias Khryst – Hood Tales *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
10 Boot Camp Clik – He Gave His Life
11 Boot Camp Clik – Hate All You Want
12 Brooklyn Academy – The Growler
13 O.C. Interlude
14 Skyzoo – Block Sh*t (Cuts By DJ Linx)
15 Kardinal Offishall – War *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
16 O Dot Allstars feat. Catalyst, Copywrite, Tage and Kingdom – U Must
17 Torae – Casualty
18 Supernatural Interlude
19 Rasco – What Happened To The Game
20 Not A f*cking Game Interlude
21 Block McCloud feat. Jean Grae – All A Game (Cuts By DJ Linx)
22 Brand Nubian Interlude
23 Sadat X feat. Boss Money – If You
24 Pumpkinhead feat. Roc Marciano (of The UN) – Swordfish REMIX
25 Boot Camp Clik – Yeah
26 Pumpkinhead feat. Arch Rival – Exclusive