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Video: Dolfish – “Grownups” (Live studio session)

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Max Sollisch’s post-Our Cat Philip, post-Arlo & the Otter project Dolfish has been getting some well-deserved love recently, so it seemed like a good time to a.) Post this video of the unreleased track “Grownups,” which was filmed at a basement studio called The Cottage in Atlanta, and b.) Let you know Dolfish will be wrapping up a winter tour at the Rumba Cafe on Saturday with Dane Terry and the Saturday Giant.

Dolfish’s Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out EP is available as a free download and/or 7-inch from Afternoon Records.

New Dane Terry, Organ Grinder Productions singles project

Philip Kim and Zachariah Baird’s production company, Organ Grinder Productions, is launching a Singles Project for Columbus musicians who submit an A-side and B-side for a single, which OGP releases digitally for $2. The first digital 7″ comes from Dane Terry, but it’s a bit different from Terry’s usual stuff:

Nes Wettney & His Modern Orchestra is intended to conjure up Dane’s vision for the music as that of a Cabana Band at an Argentinian gastronomique trapped inside of a Nintendo Entertainment System in the mid to late 80s…. Dane describes his new synth laden orchestral compositions as “Dinner Music,” suited to stimulating ideas and discussion topics in someone’s head as they casually let the notes dance at the back of their ears.

Sample and/or download here.

Three Years at The Monster House

Jimi “James” Payne posted this over on Banalization.

James “Jimi” Payne

For the past three years I have lived in the Monster House, a DIY punk house in Columbus, Ohio. I co-founded the Monster House with Pat Crann, Austin Eilbeck, Ryan Eilbeck, Jeff Love, Kristina Markey, Matt O’Conke, Joe Scarbro, Dylan Taylor-Lehman, and Nick Wong. A few weeks ago the last three original roommates – besides me – left. And, as of this week, I’m moving out as well. A group of our friends still living at the Monster plan to continue hosting shows and events. On October 8th, Apache DropoutLandlordReverse The Curse, and Cody Troyan are performing there.

After “the jump” is a list of every performer who occasioned the “stage” at the Monster House in the last three years. 400 different performers have played over 150 shows booked by over 20 promoters. The list is representative of the Columbus punk scene as well as the national DIY touring circuit from 2007-10.

More than 30 people paid rent at the house during this time span.

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Oct. 26 in Columbus: The Loved Ones

lovedonesphoto by k. maroon

MP3: The Loved Ones – Distracted
MP3: The Loved Ones – The Bridge

Back when I was a Philadelphia middle-school kid with a mushroom haircut and giant tortoise-shell glasses, I remember getting my introduction to the city’s hardcore scene through a cassette tape by a band called Step Ahead. It was my older brother’s tape, and like most kids with big bros, his music taste became my own, so I’d sneak a listen to anything he came home with. What made this cassette even cooler, though, was that Step Ahead’s guitarist, Dave Hause, went to our school. That tape was my first experience with a DIY band. My brother gave me the evil eye whenever I said I wanted to go to a Step Ahead show with him, so I never saw them live, but I played that tape on my big, spaceship-looking Aiwa stereo often.

Dave Hause went on to play in more well-known hardcore bands (the Curse, Paint it Black), and these days you’ll catch him playing catchy, polished punk-rock (with a pinch of Americana here and there) in The Loved Ones, which now includes Dave Walsh (ex-the Explosion). The Loved Ones released their full-length debut on Fat Wreck Chords last year, and this year they put out an EP called Distractions. (Judging by the EP’s covers, they’ve been distracted by Springsteen and Billy Bragg.) Check out the mp3s above to see if it’s your thing.

You can catch the Loved Ones here in Columbus on Monday, Oct. 26, at the Newport with the Gaslight Anthem and Murder by Death. And on Friday, Nov. 13, Dave Walsh will play a SWEATIN pre-show at Circus with Tin Armor, Dane Terry and Atlantic/Pacific (ex-Texas is the Reason), followed by Le Principle (Brooklyn Fire), Dustin Knell (ex-Adulture?) and CJ Townsend. Update: According to Sweatin, this show is not happening anymore.

And, for old time’s sake, here’s a track from that old Step Ahead demo tape…

MP3: Step Ahead – Apart (thanks Severed Forever)