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Little Radio’s SXSW day party info

Little Radio always manages to put on some of the greatest day shows at SXSW. This year is no different, especially Friday.

Here’s the info:

Red-Eyed Fly (715 Red River)
12pm – 6pm, March 17, 18, 19
Free, 18+, No wristbands required, free Bloody Marys and Beer!

05:20P-06:00P TBA
04:50P-05:20P The Growlers
04:20P-05:00P The Entrance Band
03:50P-04:20P The Happy Hollows
03:20P-04:00P Miles Kurosky (Beulah)
02:50P-03:20P Popwreck
02:20P-03:00P The Henry Clay People
01:50P-02:20P Findlay Brown
01:20P-02:00P Red Cortez
12:00P-01:20P Tenlons Fort + guests

05:20P-06:00P TBA
04:50P-05:20P Chief
04:20P-05:00P Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene)
03:50P-04:20P Those Darlins
03:20P-04:00P Sarah Jaffe
02:50P-03:20P Soko
02:20P-03:00P Shadow Shadow Shade (formerly The Afternoons)
01:50P-02:20P Matt Ellis
01:20P-02:00P Andy Clockwise
12:00P-01:20P Tenlons Fort + The Eastern Sea

05:20P-06:00P TBA
04:50P-05:20P The Upside Down
04:20P-05:00P Spindrift
03:50P-04:20P Jason Simon (Dead Meadow)
03:20P-04:00P Warpaint
02:50P-03:20P Serena Maneesh
02:20P-03:00P Darker My Love
01:50P-02:20P Restavrant
01:20P-02:00P Dead Confederate
12:00P-01:20P Tenlons Fort + Manhattan Murder Mystery

Thanksgiving Eve: Darker My Love @ The Summit

Darker My Love, The Strange Boys, Eulogies
Wednesday, November 26
The Summit
18 and up; $10 at the door (surcharge for those under 21)




Ben’s having quite the week with his Benco Presents concerts. Following this past weekend’s Gregory and the Hawk and Marnie Stern shows, L.A.-based psychedelic rockers Darker My Love roll into town for a Thanksgiving Eve show. With a sound that is influenced by bands ranging from the Dandy Warhols and the Stone Roses to the Beatles and the Beach Boys, expect a full-on aural assault tomorrow night.

MP3: “All the Hurry and Wait”
Full album download: Darker My Love (band’s 1st CD)

Darker My Love is keeping an on-line tour diary although there wasn’t an entry the last time they played in town as part of the CD101 summerfest (along w/ Dr. Dog and VHS or Beta among others). I asked bassist/vocalist/heavily bearded Rob Barbato what they would have written about playing that show:

I ripped a ton of White Castles at the show because they had a White Castle there. It was really crazy because we had played a show in L.A. and then flown out directly to Columbus without any sleep. We got there, crashed out for a little bit, and then went to soundcheck. My girlfriend came out to that show because we went to Cape Cod afterwards before all this touring started. It was like our last hurrah. It was really fun and we’re psyched to be coming back to Columbus for sure. We played right before Dr. Dog and I think VHS or Beta played last. At the end of the Dandy Warhols tour we ended up hanging out with the Dr. Dog dudes in Denver because they played on the same night as us. They had the same situation in Columbus as us where they flew in and it was the last weekend they had before all their touring started.

CD101 is a great radio station. It’s few and far between; there are only a few stations in the country that will take as many chances as they do.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Also on the bill:
* The Strange Boys – Ben thinks the Summit/Bourbon St. crowd will LOVE these guys
* Eulogies – Fronted by Peter Walker (owner, Dangerbird Records); will be back in town opening for the Duke Spirit on Dec. 3 (The Basement)