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=Van Haken= “Everybody Wants Some” – live @ Kobo (10.28.11)

There were a lot of tributes going on Friday night in honor of Halloween at various clubs around town. I found myself at Kobo where Alert New London was performing at The Strokes, Speed Governor was performing as Nirvana, The Moving Parts were performing as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and members of Bicentennial Bear, Miranda Sound and Kopaz were performing as Van Haken.

In case you missed it, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone both were in attendance (Hagar holding a sign throughout Van Haken’s set that said, “Play Poundcake”) and in a surprise move, David Lee Roth invited the two to join the band for “Everybody Wants Some”. Here’s the result of the first time ever that all 3 singers shared the same stage.

Moviola’s new track is NOT a David Lee Roth cover

When I first got the notice that Moviola was debuting a new track on Bandcamp called “Yankee Road”, I wondered to myself, “Why would these guys decide to cover David Lee Roth’s first hit as a solo artist?”

Then I realized DLR’s hit was “Yankee Rose” (“I’ll take a bottle of anything … and a glazed doughnut …. to go”).

There’s still time though. Moviola’s going to be giving away many new tunes, for free, in 2011 on their Bandcamp page so stay tuned – maybe they’ll cover DLR’s “Just Like Paradise”!

Happy birthday Diamond Dave!

David Lee Roth turns a young 54 today. Raise ’em, let’s see who salutes!