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Saturday @ Bobo St: Day Creep “Death Bell Chimes” Release Show

MP3: Day Creep – Dive into the Ground

If you haven’t picked up Aaron Troyer’s last Day Creep tape Underneath The Mess, get with it. I picked up my copy back in June and it’s hardly left my cassette player since. Luckily, he’s made a second one and will be releasing it tomorrow night at Bourbon St.

You can hear Aaron play songs from Death Bell Chimes (released on Snow Clone) as well as catch Turquoise Feeling and Messrs (Mat Bisaro and Bo Davis’s new band) with DJ Huggybear playing records all night. Pop in and pick up at least one copy (or five if you’re lazy and haven’t bought everyone Christmas gifts yet).

MP3/Tonight in Columbus: Day Creep cassette release

MP3: Day Creep – Looming Catastrophe

When Day Creeper’s Aaron Troyer goes it alone, he calls it “Day Creep.” Tonight (Wednesday, 6/15) Troyer is releasing a 20-minute cassette called Underneath the Mess, which he says is “a collection of songs that I recorded by myself on an 8-track in the past few months.” Jesse Collins’ Snow Clone cassette label is putting it out.

Also on the free bill tonight at Carabar is Hussy (Wisconsin), Guinea Worms and Professional Wrestling. …What else is going on tonight and this week? Help resurrect the HYPE!