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Daymon Day 2012 Schedule


Daymon Day 2012 Schedule per Daymon Day Parade’s Facebook

6pm Skate Comp Qualifiers at Tuttle Park,

8pm parade departs (seriously 8pm, per the permits & CPD),

Skate Comp Finals will be sometime after the parade/before the after party…. we’ll let ya know!

10pm will be the FREE after party at The Summit (larger neighbor to Cafe Bourbon St). 

After the jump is a rough video I put together from footage of the 2011 Daymon Day Parade shot by Path and his friend Logan Walter Stake with soundbites from Envelope, William Dodson (Daymon’s Dad) and CJ Townsend. 

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Daymon Day Parade Skateboard Contest Announced

“This year at Daymon Day there will be a jump ramp contest. Come break out your classic grabs!”

Sponsored By Black Sheep & Embassy Boardshop

Daymon Day Parade 2012 Fundraising Pre-Shows Announced


The 2012 Daymon Day is on September 15th..  There are two fundraising scheduled 9/6 & 9/8 at Ace of Cups.

Sept 6 features a Necropolis reunion with it’s Hackled Ruff  and Shoulder Mane line-up , Envelope & DJ Detox, and the ever lovable Tree of Fern.

Sept 8th features Way Yes side project Triangle Piece along with rappers Path,  and Zero Star.

Both Sept 6th and Sept 8th are at Ace of Cups, and will have DJ True Skillz providing the music between acts. $5 cover. All proceeds go toward parade costs

The September 15h Daymon Day Afterparty is at Cafe Bourbon Street and is a meeting of Get Right & The Fonosluts+ CJ and  is very free.

Video of the 2007 Daymon Day Parade where Necropolis led the the drumline after the Jump

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Daymon Day 2012 September 15th Cafe Bourbon Street After Party Announced

MP3: Racist Joe: Bitch-You-Dont-Know-Shit

The Daymon Day After-party flyyer says it, DJ Lo-Zone, & Pos 2 of the Fonosluts will be joined by Get Right’s DJ Detox & Cashola and CJ. Pre-Shows will be announced soon…

MP3:the Corn Puppies “B*tch You Don’t Know Sh*t 2”

MP3:The Corn Puppies “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit 2”

Early this week we posted Racist Joe’s lost hit “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” in lieu of a 7 inch of the song that will be handed out at the Daymon Day Parade tonight.
Well, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” has already spawn a cover version.
The Corn Puppies are a new group consisting of Ben Branstetter, John Hughes, Rustin and Jake Winston. They haven’t played a show yet, but Daymon was always nice to dudes when they were young so they felt compelled to do this cover. It’s really good. And it’s funny to hear the lyrics sung in Rock N Roll form.

Friday in Columbus: Daymon Day Eve


Nick Tolford & Co, Envelope & Detox, Freaky Franz & Cornelius Jackson, DJ Johnny Cashola, DJ True Skills are performing at Skully’s Tonight for Daymon Day Eve.  
The 5 dollar cover raises money for parade costs.
I wrote a story about the Daymon Day weekend in the Other Paper.
I didn’t get to use quotes from everyone I talked to..

So after the jump, Mike O of Nick Tolford & Co, Johnny Cashola, Envelope and Freaky Franz all speak on their experiences with Daymon Dodson, and the Daymon Day Parade.

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Michael Carney Featured In New York Times Article About “the Incredible Shrinking Album Cover”

Readers of DW are no stranger to the Black Keys art director Michael Carney.
The New York Times caught up with one of sites’ favorite Grammy Winners, and discussed the affects of Smart Phones, and I-Tunes on album cover design in a declining market.

Except from New York Times Feature The Incredible, Inevitable Shrinking Album Cover

WHEN the album designer Michael Carney submitted his proposed cover for the Black Keys’ album “Brothers” last year, he and the band were a little anxious. Seeking a change from their previous, illustration-driven packaging, which he’d also designed, Mr. Carney devised the simplest of covers: two sentences — “This is an album by the Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers” — set against a black background

“We thought, ‘Are we allowed to do this?’ ” Mr. Carney recalled of the bare-bones cover, which he also felt reflected a new boldness in the Black Keys’ music. Although its label, Nonesuch, was initially perplexed, Mr. Carney’s fears were ultimately put to rest. “The marketing people said, ‘This is our dream!’ ” Mr. Carney said, and the artwork was a go.

Read the New York Times Article here or Pick Up a New York Times tomorrow (Sunday).

Michael Carney will return to Columbus for the DAYMON DAY PARADE.
Mike will dejay the parade’s afterparty along with Sinkane of Yeasayer at Carabar September 17th, here in Columbus, Ohio.

Daymon Day Weekend September 16-17 2011

Next Month Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating the 6th Annual Daymon Day with a weekend of love driven community activities.

On Daymon Day Eve, September 16th, there will be a show at Skullys Music Diner, Nick Tolford & Co, Envelope & Detox, and Freaky Franz & Cornelius Jackson will perform. Johnny Cashola & True Skillz will play records. The admission is 5 Dollars. The door goes to cover parade costs like permits and renting the required amount of police escorts for the parade. For more info & to RSVP Visit Daymon Day Eve’s Facebook

On Daymon Day, September 17th the parade will leave Tuttle Park promptly at 8pm. There will be a mural painted during the day. So feel free to come earlier. We will be dispersing a 7inch record of Daymon’s local hit song, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” prior to the parade.(Details will be forthcoming). The afterparty will be at the Carabar. Admission is free. It will be special and more announcements will be made in the future. For more details go to the Daymon Day Parade’s event facebook.

Feel free to like Daymon Day on facebook.

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What’s Really Good Columbus?!

Obviously the big story today is the OSU football game. Throw your rah-rag up.
Well, after the bucks win, whether you head to a parade, a festival, a BW3 or take a nap, try to come out to the Daymon Day Parade Afterparty.
Columbus legends The Fonosluts and DJ True Skillz will team up with Get Right Columbus, CJ Townsend and Iyeball of Fly Union to do it like they use to do , and continue to.
New School x Old type jump-off.
CJ and Iyeball will be coming returning from New York tonight where Iyeball’s rap group Fly Union and CJ just performed at Santo’s Party House for a BET Music Matters Showcase.
Daymon was a mentor for Fly Union, obviously a member of the Fonosluts, and he was also in BSA along with the Get Right Columbus fam.
Daymon would be proud of both Get Right, Fly U’s success, and be stoked to see Hip Hop culture in Columbus flourishing.(this is just the tip of the iceberg.)
So it should be fun.
5 dollar donation to recoup parade costs
Dragon Fly Neo-V
247 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

Daymon Day 2009 Photos & Videos

A few weeks ago we celebrated the 4th annual Daymon Day here in Columbus. We had a basketball tourney, tribute mural, emcee battle, parade and a rowdy dance party. We got our Rucker park on and then brought it into the streets.

For those that aren’t familar with Daymon Day but like things perhaps reading this article before or after viewing the following videos and pictures might give you some background info.

YouTube Preview Image

This video shot by A.J.(i think) shows the parade.

Watch it if you think marching 300 plus people in the middle of the road to Black Sabbath, Dilla, Cam’ron, M.O.P. , DJ Przm, Camu Tao, Jim Jones,Pharoah Monche and Racist Joe instrumentals to honor their fallen loved ones on an OSU gameday sounds interesting.

Photos taken by Danielle Kline that show a different detail after the jump. Continue reading