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Saturday: Lydia Loveless, Brujas del Sol, Love Culture, Woosley Band, The Grateful Lovers, L.O.C.K. play birthday bash/fundraiser at KOBO

Life can change in an instant. Last July, I asked an old friend of mine, Brian Hake (Kopaz singer/guitarist), and his Van Halen cover band (Van Haken), to perform at my 40th birthday bash. The band blew the roof off KOBO putting on a show that some might argue was better than the real thing.

Then, in January, life got real – Brian was diagnosed with Leukemia. By enduring multiple chemotherapy treatments at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Univerisity, Brian’s cancer is now in remission and he’s continuing to be proactive in his fight.

I invite you, Donewaiting readers, to join me for the second annual Chip Midnight 40th birthday bash, at KOBO (2590 N. High St.) which is not only an excuse to get together a bunch of bands I really dig to cover songs I really like, but, more importantly, is an opportunity to help raise money for the Hake-n-Roll Pelotonia team which will be riding 100 miles earlier that day to support the James Cancer Center at the Ohio State University. A portion of each $7 cover will be donated to the Hake-n-Roll team.
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Happy 25th Birthday, Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’

25 years ago today, I went to Great Northern Mall to buy Def Leppard’s brand-new cassette, Hysteria. There was no such thing as a “leaked” album back then, the only song I had heard was the first single, “Women”, as the video had been given to MTV in July to help hype the upcoming release.

I remember throwing this in the Sony Sports Walkman and being amazed by the expensive-sounding production and the glossy hooks and choruses. This was not Pyromania and it was definitely not the NWOBM-sound of On Through the Night and High N’ Dry. This was a HUGE sounding record that was designed to sell millions of copies to people who would, without a doubt, pay big money to see Def Leppard in an arena. And you know what? I absolutely loved it at the time and I love to this day. Yeah, I skip over “Pour Some Sugar on Me” because MTV ruined that song for me but the rest of the songs (“Rocket”, “Gods of War”, “Hysteria”, etc.) I still listen to on a pretty regular basis. Happy Birthday, Hysteria!

Def Leppard Fan Fiction

Thanks to Topless Robot for discovering this gem. They write:

1) It stars Def Leppard bass player Rick Savage
2) Who meets a sexy female vampire and becomes a vampire himself

Yes. Author knight has written the Les Miserables of Def Leppard bass players having exotic, erotic adventures with a sexy vampires, and really, I don’t know what actual snippit I could possibly find that would be any crazier than these three facts. Oh, the chapters aren’t short, either; the first chapter alone is 3500 words, so if it’s indicative of the rest, that puts the whole story at 200,000 words.

Click here to read it… IF YOU DARE.