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Donewaiting’s 9-year Anniversary show: Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Bill Fox, P.Blackk, Zero Star, Sundown, Detox

This here weblog has been around for almost a decade, and that’s reason to celebrate. We’ll do that by bringing three amazing bands, an emcee and a deejay to Ace of Cups on Feb. 3 in Columbus, Ohio. Needless to say, you should come celebrate with us:

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments are not just reuniting for this show. Ron House, Bob Petric and crew are playing their seminal 1995 Onion/American record Bait & Switch front to back. Rick Rubin would be proud. Wes Flexner also informed me that TJSA was once featured in Egotrip magazine, one of the greatest hip hop magazines of all time, which is fitting, considering our next artist…

Zero Star, via Wes – “Zero Star has proven to be one of the coldest rappers in Columbus by making classics with the late DJ Przm, the venerable Blueprint and upstarts like J. Maggz and Chozin, as well as dolo appearances on Grindtime and 107.5’s ‘In The Booth.'”

Bill Fox: We talk about Bill Fox almost as much as the Black Keys on this blog. The Cleveland troubadour who used to helm The Mice has become one of my favorite songwriters of all time, and by the time Feb. 3 rolls around, he’ll have a new album to play behind. But really, even without a new album, any Bill Fox show is a big deal and rare treat.

Sundown: It was probably only a matter of time before TK Webb put together a band here in Columbus after moving from Brooklyn (Kansas City before that). He chose the right partners: Dustin White (Moons), Blake Pfister (Moon High) and Grant Driskell (TV Eye). Don’t sleep on the band’s debut cassette EP, Mansion Burning, and keep your ear out for more stuff the band is currently recording.

DJ Detox: If you’ve been coming to this site for any period of time, or you even occasionally attend shows, you know Detox. He’s one of the most in-demand deejays in the city. He’ll spin tunes between sets.

Feel free to RSVP on Facebook.

UPDATE: P.Blackk added to the show!

Daymon Day Weekend September 16-17 2011

Next Month Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating the 6th Annual Daymon Day with a weekend of love driven community activities.

On Daymon Day Eve, September 16th, there will be a show at Skullys Music Diner, Nick Tolford & Co, Envelope & Detox, and Freaky Franz & Cornelius Jackson will perform. Johnny Cashola & True Skillz will play records. The admission is 5 Dollars. The door goes to cover parade costs like permits and renting the required amount of police escorts for the parade. For more info & to RSVP Visit Daymon Day Eve’s Facebook

On Daymon Day, September 17th the parade will leave Tuttle Park promptly at 8pm. There will be a mural painted during the day. So feel free to come earlier. We will be dispersing a 7inch record of Daymon’s local hit song, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” prior to the parade.(Details will be forthcoming). The afterparty will be at the Carabar. Admission is free. It will be special and more announcements will be made in the future. For more details go to the Daymon Day Parade’s event facebook.

Feel free to like Daymon Day on facebook.

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Columbus Memorial Day Eve Dance Parties

Alot of things poppin off Tonight, Usual Suspects @ Ravari, Sweatin/Rad Dogs Party @ Wall Street and Milk Bar’s O-gee @ Due Ameaci


More info on Memorial Day EVE Parties after the jump
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Donewaiting.Com Presents Party With the Universe Presents Dipset Appreciaton Night


This very website is throwing an event at Columbus’ Premier nightclub Spice Bar. This time around its Dipset Appreciation Night featuring the Catalyst covering Diplomat songs backed by Triceratops.
Myself, Johnny Cashola, & Detox will be playing all your Dipset standards throughout the evening.
Dirtnap will host.

For more info or if you have any sense of whats proper and decent during these troubled times please check out Party With the Universe Myspace

Moral Tales Tonight @ The Summit

Whats that song I heard at the Treasure Fingers thing? We gonna do drugs We are gonna get fucked. And we are gonna do it all tonight?  Something like that. It’s by some group Ocelot. Treasure Fingers did a remix.Our Time?  Seems to be a good sentiment. Anyway. Tonight marks the launch of a new chapter of Columbus Dance parties. This time it groups Sweatin Promoter Scotty with Get RIght’s DJ Detox, True Skills fresh of his Andyland Wexner Center show with RJD2, and Pillowtalk’s Gaybar.

Expect the music to go everywhere from Abba to Kraftwerk to Dub to Moroder to Kano to DFA to New Wave to French House to Electro to DJ Funk to Blog Bmore wih some Exotic pyschdelic funk to boot. True Skills even has this sweet dance verison of Joliene.

Last time these people combined efforts it looked like this. Disco dunston.

Moral Tales on Myspace.com

Annunaqi Eloheem:Vast Aire In Columbus Tonight

YouTube Preview Image

I am one these jerks that makes fun everything I used to like. Cannibal Ox was my shit. It was Bladerunner music. The sound of New York City that fit the Kid A’s and Kiko’s. Futuristic and dangerous. Harlem standing up weird right before Harlem stood up louder, weirder and more dangerous. (Yet another Dipset referance) But Vast did say a word twice before because he is twice as nice around the same time Cam took 4 bars off.

So I was youtubing it up, looking for a verse off the Can Ox classic album Cold Vein. Didn’t find much. But I did find this verse I have never heard where Vast says “there are camera’s in my food, and soon you can download you.” Given we are the heels of another fixed election and or another example of Christians summoning the apocalypse(at least for our country) and possibly another Great Depression.Why not?

True dood sucked at Springfest 1000 years ago. But he is a Six Foot Nine 400 lb heretic from Harlem that will be stuck hanging out on Summit between Alden & Oakland. Thats funny to me.

Zero Star will open.

The Summit next Bourban Street. So What Wednesdays. DJ Detox. Sissies.

Daymon Day Parade 2008: Yessir!

The 3rd Annual Daymon Day happened last Saturday. People treated it like a holiday. They honored friendship, being welcoming, kind, exciting and adsurdly funny.

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Daymon Day Parade 9-20-2008

YouTube Preview Image

If you are a human being and consider yourself  someone who likes culture, art, music or anything….. Basically, if you like anything at all and aren’t a terrible unhappy person for chrissakes watch the above video. It’s of last year’s Daymon Day Parade.  Even if you are a terrible, unhappy person still watch the above video because maybe it will brighten you day.  Seriously watch the video.

Watched it? Way better than any desription I could ever give.

Anyway, the 3rd Annual Daymon Day Parade is upon us honoring Racist Joe aka So What born Daymon Dodson. We also tip our hats to Przm, Camu Tao, Heist, Phrite, Nasty Nate and anyone else that has passed away. This isn’t just about Daymon. It’s about making something negative into a joyous moment. Your devotions will find a vehicle.

The parade is starting at 5th & High this year. We were unable to secure a permit for Tuttle Park like previous years. But the good people involvedwith the Gay Street Festival downtown were nice enough to extend a stage to us so people could gather outdoors after the parade.

On that stage will be performances by Youth Attack’s Vile Gash, and The Catalyst (ODOT/Thought Set) DJ Detox and Tru Skills will hold the alley down between acts. The festival is free.

So this year the parade starts at 5th and High. It leaves promptly at 6. Our good friends at Milk Bar have offered us space to assemble. We will have dejays set up there at around 4. Milk Bar isn’t a pretentious boutique. It’s also not a bar. So kids are a ok.  So everyone please feel comfortable.

Anyway. Columbus loved Daymon. Parades are fun. Walking in the middle of High Street during a game day only comes once a year. So even if you didn’t know Daymon you can feel free to show up. He made everyone at ease when he was out. So it’s that spirit that will be in place. It’s about enjoying life. Bring an instrument or drum to make noise. We are trying to have a marching band. If the marching bad turns out either atonal like a No Wave performance or as fluid as a New Orleans funeral band regardless it will be tremendous.

Here are a couple MP3’s by the artist performing after the parade. They are abrasive but fitting for this paticular legacy of Columbus Music.

MP3: Vile Gash: Cleanse The World

MP3: The Catalyst: Excuse Me

One Be Lo In Columbus Tonight

YouTube Preview Image

One Be Lo will be playing at Cafe Bourbon Street’s weekly Hip Hop Night. So What Wednesdays. Locals Apocalypse Inc will open. Blueprint hosts. Detox and Pos 2 dejay.

Above is a video of Michigan Rapper, One Be Lo performing an accapella about his troubles with identity during his adolescence. Lo was in need of, as Grand Puba would say, the proper education. The accapella is pretty poignant but it is not 100 percent indicative the sound of his new album, The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. It is consistant of Lo’s content which has always showed a soulful, personal and leftist slant . Hell, on his label’s website Subterraneous Records.com he lists Ho Chi Minh, Marcus Garvey, John Brown and Fela Kuti among his hero’s. However this record is different from previous efforts because it has the added punch of production by sometimey G-Unit/Freeway Producers, Jake One and Vitamin D. This has given, R.E.B.I.R.T.H. a more banging, neoteric sound compared to previous solid but a tad traditional efforts. But since he doesn’t have any MP3’s up for grab peep  One Be Lo’s Myspace to hear what it sounds like.

One Be Lo has always been in an interesting cat to me because he has a strong National following in spite of not being on Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Babygrande or Stones Throw. When I worked the merch table for Soul Position’s San Francisco show, One Be Lo had a long rabid line front of his table that he was posted up at after his opening performance. Lo is an anomaly in indie hop. He is an ardently DIY , Black Muslim from Pontiac, Michigan that doesn’t have a publicist, or booking agent. Like I said earlier. No big indie label ties like an Ali, Lif or Doom. He isn’t emo like Sage Francis, Slug or Aesop. He isn’t shocking like Necro or Cage. Lo isn’t artsy like El-P. Dood is for certain not a hipster like The Cool Kids or Spankrock. He doesn’t have the Questlove co-signatures like Little Brother. Blueprint calls Lo “the gliche in the matrix”. He did have a Pete Rock Remix on his last record but other than that somehow dood has a career without being in the machine.