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Thank You Diplo

Dear Diplo,

My friends & I greatly appreaceate you playing “Santana’s Town”. Gucci Mane and Fat Al were nice touches as well.

Thanks again,


(full review coming when its not the weekend. )

Diplo in Columbus Tonight

Schoolboy posted the settimes for Diplo:

lineup is
outside stage
9-10 dave espionage
10-11 cashola

inside stage
9-11 ddpesh
11-12 adulture
12-close diplo

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Dear Diplo,

I have been an avid fan of you for many years now. I too like manatee’s. The Columbus Zoo has a really nice manatee exhibit.
I suggest you have Schoolboy take you there in Skully’s PT Cruiser before the show.

But, as you may guessed, I am not writing you to discuss zoology.

I am writing to request that you play “Santana’s Town” by the Harlem Diplomats or “I Used to Get it in Ohio” by Killer Camron Giles.

By no means am I unfamilar with your oeuvre.
I consider you to be an intuitive socialogist that operates well above what many call hipster because you are constantly honing in on the fun within organic cultures and streamling them in a manner that makes sense and doesn’t seem forced.

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Diplo + Mad Decent SXSW Bash

These are the only details that came through via an e-mail:

Saturday March 21 we’re doing the all nite jam in an abandoned Salvation Army with Diplo, Switch, Major Lazer, Po Po, Blaqstarr, Maluca, Toy Selectah, Rye Rye, Boy 8 Bit, Radioclit, Sega, and mad special guests!

Diplo is also playing Columbus.

Diplo/Blaqstarr/Fly Union Make Cleveland Almost Fun As Columbus

Photos By Danielle Kline

Cleveland often gets a rep for being a location of pure misery. But things may be looking up. About 4 Years ago it quietly the Land started standing out as the best city for graffiti in Ohio due to the efforts of the Droids, BHS, and TKO. William “Upski” Wimsatt predicted this would happen in his book, Bomb the Suburbs. More recently, Mick Boogie, Chemical Kickdrums, Chipper the Ripper, and Fat Al, have started an upswing in Cleveland Hip Hop. So when I heard Diplo was coming to Cleveland to redeem himself for the worse show experience in his life, I was mad curious. Do people actually have fun in Cleveland these days?

Detox, the roadtrip only homie William,myself and Dkline hopped in the whip, and headed up to see how C-Town Rides in 0-infinity.

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Diplo + Ohio? Diplo + Fly Union? Fly Union + Mick Boogie?

Diplo is freakin coming to Cleveland,Ohio, February 7th. Diplo, who has no worries of me trying to hump his extremely talented but mediocre looking boo/ex-boo? M.I.A.(who will be MIA as in not at this show)┬áis playing at the B-Side Liquor Lounge in Conventry. DJ Blaqstarr is opening…. But but wait its gets better. Columbus’ Fly Union is also opening. After catching them last month at the Embassy Video Premiere…. I can see them fitting a Cool Kids steez, sorta. I mean they do have a song on the the New Mick Boogie/Benzi/Urb Magazine Mixtape.

Video:Fly Union-Big Trucks
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