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Donewaiting.Com Presents Party With the Universe Presents Dipset Appreciaton Night


This very website is throwing an event at Columbus’ Premier nightclub Spice Bar. This time around its Dipset Appreciation Night featuring the Catalyst covering Diplomat songs backed by Triceratops.
Myself, Johnny Cashola, & Detox will be playing all your Dipset standards throughout the evening.
Dirtnap will host.

For more info or if you have any sense of whats proper and decent during these troubled times please check out Party With the Universe Myspace

Diplo in Columbus Review

800 people paid 12-20 dollars to see Diplo in Columbus,Ohio.
For good reason. He invented anything that matters currently in the world of dancing. I mean…do I need to point out how before Diplo it was either James Brown or staying home because nerds wanted to play drum n bass?
I mean he made all of us ex-backpackers or hardcore kids into club goers kinda.
Anyway, after the jump I will recap the show.

Pictures by Danielle Kline may vary due the fact that she took 423 of them. But they are all better then the ones I took on my cellphone camera
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Thank You Diplo

Dear Diplo,

My friends & I greatly appreaceate you playing “Santana’s Town”. Gucci Mane and Fat Al were nice touches as well.

Thanks again,


(full review coming when its not the weekend. )

Cam’ron-I Used to Get It in Ohio(Official Video)

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the official video for Cam’ron’s “I Used to Get it in Ohio”. Some of it is in Chicago. Some of it is in the Nati. The Columbus section has Cam’ron rocking a green fur on Cleveland Ave.

Cam’ron & Stop Snitchin on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes did a story on the Stop Snitchin Movement last night.
They spoke to the king of absudity Cam’ron.
Here is the full segment.

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