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Diplo in Columbus Review

800 people paid 12-20 dollars to see Diplo in Columbus,Ohio.
For good reason. He invented anything that matters currently in the world of dancing. I mean…do I need to point out how before Diplo it was either James Brown or staying home because nerds wanted to play drum n bass?
I mean he made all of us ex-backpackers or hardcore kids into club goers kinda.
Anyway, after the jump I will recap the show.

Pictures by Danielle Kline may vary due the fact that she took 423 of them. But they are all better then the ones I took on my cellphone camera
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Cam’ron in Columbus This Saturday, April 4th

YouTube Preview Image

I have been praying to Mecca 3 times a day. I learned Latin to fully immerse myself in communion. I haven’t gotten any tattooes because the Torah forbids it. I wear a fez instead of a tarboosh. I do not allow my reactive mind to make me unclear.
Everytime I perform sexual activities with a female I refuse to bust so that my chi will remain strong.(((makes road head weird))).

Finally, all the devotion and summonng the universes’ powers have paid off:
Cam’ron is returning to Columbus. He is performing at Karma Club this Saturday, April 4th

After the break, I cut & pasted my account of the last time I saw Cam’ron perform in Columbus on omnimix years ago.
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Cam’ron-I Used to Get It in Ohio(Official Video)

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Here is the official video for Cam’ron’s “I Used to Get it in Ohio”. Some of it is in Chicago. Some of it is in the Nati. The Columbus section has Cam’ron rocking a green fur on Cleveland Ave.

Cam’ron-I Used to Get It In Ohio MP3


Cam’ron’s ode to the Midwest. Claims to be coming to Columbus soon. You live in 270 and don’t dowload this? You soft.

Cam’ron-I Used to Get it in Ohio

Cam’ron Answers Letters From Fans

YouTube Preview Image
Hilarious. Cam’ron uses a bunch of white girls to mock Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, 50 Cent, Jay-z, (maybe Lil Wayne) and internet chatter in general.
“Crime Pays” 5/05
Also..the XXL Magazine with Cam is on stands now. The issue is worth the purpose all Dipstanning aside. Chairman Mao dissects emo-rap. Everyone from Slug, Eminem to Pac to Kid Cudi gets discussed on why Hip Hop is soo emotional these days.
Also, Primo, Tip, and Xtra P revisit Illmatic on its fifteenth anniversary. (Think about that 94 golden era-er’s.)

Cam’ron Interview With Miss Info


This is part 2 of Cam’ron’s interview with Miss Info. Cam claims that he stopped kicking it with Juelz because Santana was too into robo-tripping.

B-Real Answers Juelz Santana’s Smoke-a-Thon Challenge

A few weeks ago Juelz Santana challenged any drug addicted Hip Hopper to a weed smoking contest on World Star Hip Hop. (no michael phelps)

The rules of engagement:

1.Bring your  three best weed smoking friends. 2. Bring your best weed. 3. Juelz Santana and his Skullgang will smoke you under like it’s Bob Marley’s wake.

Here is what Juelz’  is bringing to the table:

YouTube Preview Image

B-Real of Cypress Hill (who is on Duck Down Records now) has decided to throw his graffix hat in the ring. Here is the aging pothead’s video response… Continue reading

Cam’ron-I Hate My Job

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The recent cover story of XXL magazine explained why no one in Dipset wants to hang out with Cam’ron. Cam had the Dips in exploitive contracts that he refused to discuss with them.  A good way to lose friends, especially if you also have penchant for divisive behaviors like prank calling 50 cent. Or getting on national TV and telling the world you wouldn’t call the police on serial killler if he lived next store to you.

The question the story couldn’t answer was:Where is Cam’ron?   Mr. Giles, normally a walking publicity stunt, has been especially silent. 

Well, looks as if  Cam  just been on the low turning in job applications because his girlfriend finds him to be a ne’erdowell.  I mean he sold Juelz Santana for 2 million dollars earlier this year so he should not be hurting for cash but who knows in this recession. 

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NYE in Columbus:From Bobo to Juelz Santana


Juelz  Dip Dip. Santana Set Set.

Columbus rules because in one night Psychedelic Horseshit, Unholy Two, Blueprint, Envelope, The Catalyst, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Weedsteeler all partook in New Years Eve events.

After the jump it gets uncomfortable and self-indulgent.

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Annunaqi Eloheem:Vast Aire In Columbus Tonight

YouTube Preview Image

I am one these jerks that makes fun everything I used to like. Cannibal Ox was my shit. It was Bladerunner music. The sound of New York City that fit the Kid A’s and Kiko’s. Futuristic and dangerous. Harlem standing up weird right before Harlem stood up louder, weirder and more dangerous. (Yet another Dipset referance) But Vast did say a word twice before because he is twice as nice around the same time Cam took 4 bars off.

So I was youtubing it up, looking for a verse off the Can Ox classic album Cold Vein. Didn’t find much. But I did find this verse I have never heard where Vast says “there are camera’s in my food, and soon you can download you.” Given we are the heels of another fixed election and or another example of Christians summoning the apocalypse(at least for our country) and possibly another Great Depression.Why not?

True dood sucked at Springfest 1000 years ago. But he is a Six Foot Nine 400 lb heretic from Harlem that will be stuck hanging out on Summit between Alden & Oakland. Thats funny to me.

Zero Star will open.

The Summit next Bourban Street. So What Wednesdays. DJ Detox. Sissies.