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Photos: Dirty Projectors @ The Wex

Dirty Projectors
Wexner Center
July 12, 2012




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Dirty Projectors coming to Wexner Center July 12

Two days after the July 10 release of Swing Lo Magellan on Domino Records, the Dirty Projectors will return to the Wexner Center. Montreal’s Purity Ring opens. Update: Purity Ring is now playing the Forecastle Fest instead (Wex opener TBD), but you can catch Purity Ring in Columbus at Ace of Cups on Sept. 17.

The Dirty Projectors’ last show at the Wex performance space ranks as one of my favorite Wexner Center shows of all time.

Wild Kindness Records – new Ohio label releases benefit comp

Wild Kindness – a new label out of Youngstown, OH – has just released a benefit compilation for Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. GEMS is a New York-based organization designed to serve females, ages 12-24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. The comp features contributions from many Ohio-based artists, a track from The Dirty Projectors’ Nat Baldwin, and more. Here is the press release:

Sunshine Off the Tracks: A Benefit for GEMS

On March 31, 2012 Wild Kindness Records will release Sunshine Off the Tracks: A Benefit for GEMS. Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is a New York-based organization designed to serve females, ages 12-24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. GEMS’ mission is to empower girls and young women to exit the commercial sex industry and develop their full potential. Sunshine Off the Tracks features contributions from a wide array of independent musicians and record labels.

The idea for a benefit compilation was first conceived when members of the Wild Kindness team viewed Very Young Girls – a documentary detailing the atrocities of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. Deeply moved by the film, and surrounded by a community of talented artists, the WK team decided to cull a songset to benefit the cause. Envisioning it to be solely released by Wild Kindness, this notion quickly changed when artists and labels across the country began to show great response and an eagerness to contribute.

Sunshine Off the Tracks is one small way to spread the message of GEMS and work toward ending the commercial sex industry. Wild Kindness would like to extend its sincere gratitude to GEMS, the many artists and labels who contributed to the cause, and those who show their support through the purchase of this album. Thank you.


1.) Sun for Moon – Disappearing Hearts
2.) Aan – I Don’t Need Love
3.) Nat Baldwin – Lake Erie (Alt. Version)
4.) The Curious Mystery – Night Ride Reeling
S.) Southeast Engine – Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains
6.) Andre Costello – Tumbleweed
7.) White Birds – Floating Hands
8.) Doleful Lions – Julie’s Video
9.) LAKE – Backwards and Forwards
10.) In One Wind – Water’s Looking Fine
11.) Sam Goodwill – Every Other Anthology
12.) Love of Everything – Kangaroo
13.) Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa – Perawan Berawan
14.) The Building – Ethel Merman
15.) Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets – Let You Down
16.) JP Haynie – Gravel
17.) Nucular Aminals – Nobody’s Man
18.) Way Yes – Automail
19.) The Black Swans – Joe Tex
20.) Girls in Trouble – Tell Me
21.) Adrian Crowley – Winter Sun (Demo)
22.) Gym, Deer – Much A Goodness (DIGITAL BONUS TRACK)
23.) Travels – Lucky (DIGITAL BONUS TRACK)

*Full disclaimer: Donewaiting writer Leo DeLuca is associated with two acts on this compilation. He manages Misra Records — the record label for The Black Swans and Southeast Engine (in which he plays). He normally keeps it all very separate, but this is a good cause.

FEATURING ARTISTS FROM: K Records | Polyvinyl | Western Vinyl | Primary Records | Lefse Records | Domino | Chemikal Underground | J Dub Records | Wild Kindness Records | Misra Records

Dirty Projectors Announce North American Tour Dates

Dirty Projectors are set to tour North America in support of their sixth album, Swing Lo Magellan.  Domino will release Swing Lo Magellan on July 10th in North America (July 9th rest of the world). The tour kicks off in July and includes stops at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

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Dirty Projectors to Release “Swing Lo Magellan” July 10th

photo credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Domino Records announced today that Dirty Projectors will be dropping their highly anticipated 6th album, Swing Lo Magellan, on July 10th in North America/July 9th Worldwide.  The album is a product of 12 months of writing & recording in Delaware County New York by David Longstreth. The rest of Dirty Projectors: Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin, and Brian McOmber constantly joined him to rehearse and flush-out the songs in the A-Frame attic in the weird home about 4 hours Northwest of NYC.

The end result is said to be both very intimate and layered.

Listen to “Gun Has No Trigger” off Swing Lo Magellan

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Friday in Columbus: The Forms

MP3: Fire To The Ground (feat. Matt Berninger)

On Friday night, The Summit will be graced by New York duo The Forms, touring in support of their new EP, Derealization. This is something of a “remix album,” except that the songs are all completely reworked/reimagined, and this work is done by the duo itself and not some random DJs. These reimaginations apparently lent themselves to collaboration, as the tracks include guest appearances from Matt Berninger of The National (see above), as well as members of Dirty Projectors, Shudder To Think, and more. The results are mostly breezy and danceable and stand on their own quite well.

The Forms will be joined at The Summit by Maza Blaska, RUMTUM (Shin Tower Music side project?), and Defense.

Favorite Albums of 2009 by Joel Oliphint

(Separate Columbus list further down. Though, if the lists were combined, some of the local releases would unseat a few here…)

1. Larry Jon WilsonLarry Jon Wilson
I won’t lie. Talking to Larry Jon and producer Jerry DeCicca (Black Swans) about this album, learning about its origins, and visiting Wilson’s back catalog gave me a heightened appreciation for this masterpiece. So context helps, but even if you know nothing about the back story, this is a stark, beautiful album from start to finish from one of the forgotten country outlaws. Wilson’s Georgia baritone is the sweetest thing I heard this year. For Townes Van Zandt fans, this is required listening.

MP3: Feel Alright Again

2. The Love LanguageThe Love Language
It’s a rock n’ roll cliché and a PR flack’s dream: Guy breaks up with girl, drinks heavily, pisses off all his friends, eventually sobers up and retreats to his parents’ house to record an album on a four-track. But man does this cliché jangle with some of the best in-the-red pop songs I’ve heard in a while. Stuart McLamb’s Chapel Hill band signed to Merge in October and is slated to have a new release in August, and after seeing the full band (now a 7-piece) put on a terrific show at the Wexner Center in the fall, McLamb’s next outing could be even better with a little help from his friends.

MP3: Manteo I MP3: Lalita

3. Andrew BirdNoble Beast
Every aspect of Andrew Bird just keeps getting better—his voice; his gorgeous, multi-layered violin arrangements; his whistling. It makes for a backdrop so compelling that he can sing about proto-Sanskrit Minoans, porto-centric Lisboans, Greek Cypriots and Hobis-hots and have you nodding your head in agreement instead of scratching it in confusion.

MP3: Oh No

4. Kurt VileConstant Hitmaker; God is Saying This to You…; Childish Prodigy
kurtI’m grouping these together so I can squeeze more in, but all three LPs probably deserve a separate spot for different reasons. God finds Vile filtering his psychedelia through John Fahey and Neil Young; Childish kicks the volume up a notch and tones the lo-fi down; and Hitmaker, the best of the three, plays both sides with casual brilliance. “Freeway” is one of my favorite songs of 2009.

MP3: Freeway

5. The AntlersHospice
Hospice is one of only a few albums this year that completely transports me whenever I give it my full attention. (Brian Harnetty’s Silent City is another.) A concept album about a hospice worker and a young patient, the songs swell like Sigur Ros then retreat into gingerly tapped piano, lightly strummed guitar or shimmery synth. It’s in those quiet portions that Silberman employs his alabaster falsetto — more hushed than Jeff Buckley but less wispy than Antony Hegarty. Back in March, the Antlers played a show at Cafe Bourbon St. in front of me and maybe three other people. I’m thinking there’ll be a few more in attendance next time.

MP3: Bear

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MP3: Solange Knowles Covers Dirty Projectors “Stillness Is the Move”


MP3: Stillness Is the Move

This premiered on Pitchfork a few hours ago and I’ve listened to it like five times. It’s definitely the easiest way to trick your friends into liking Dirty Projectors (THEIR MELODIES AND TIME SIGNATURES ARE SO COMPLICATED AND WEIRD!!!!).