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Ocean Ghost at Skullys on Cinco Da Mayo

So I used to say mean things about the Ocean Ghosts on the internets.
Then I met them, They are really nice guys. I held conversations with them that didn’t involved me making weird shit up to keep myself from getting bored.

That’s rare these days.

They gave me their new cd, called “Pepperoni Lovers” and asked me to review it, knowing I was gonna say mean things. So you gotta give them that respect. Instead of being mean I am gonna give my objective opinion in hopes of constructive criticism that will eventually build a better Columbus.

Because this is strictly puny white people voices over poorly chosen disco beats.
Its not very good.
Actually it’s terrible. Almost as bad as that ZAS record.

As a disco purist, I am gonna list records they should’ve sampled.

1.Anything By Donna Summer
2.Bladerunner theme by Vangelis
3.Murphy’s Law By Cheri
4.On the Grid-Lime
5.It’s a War by Kano
6.Deputy of Love-23rd Street Rumbatt Band
7.Swarivari-Number of Names
***DOOM already sampled “I Can’t Go For That”
SNARE on track 2 sounds like trash.
The original songs were better on all of these songs.

or Download the Whole Album Here:
MP3: Download Entire Album