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Video: P. Blackk & J. Rawls – “Coming Of Age”

P. Blackk’s new video for “Coming of Age” off his upcoming album with J.Rawls “Contemporary Nostalgia” is everything that is right about the world.

YouTube Preview Image

One has to love the completeness of the whole thing.

The Taylor Nawrocki directed clip starts off with Rawls’ kids in his home. The kids open a door to a studio session with the old schooler, J.Rawls and the most freshest,  beloved young rapper P.Blackk getting busy. Then P.Blackk pearls around town with his DJ, Bruni.  This all while local Hip Hop legend DJ O-Sharp supplies the cuts. While I am sucker for true culture; the main reason why this example of culture works is because the song is good.

P. Blackk’s & J. Rawls “Contemporary Nostalgia” drops December 30th.

Listen: Trap Jesus & TayGod – “#TRILLSTEW” (Produced by P.Blackk)

YouTube Preview Image

Whatever new groups think they doing something. NO. You don’t matter. Trap Jesus & TayGod are here to cook-up the #TRILLSTEW. No seriously.  P.Blackk on the boards shows you that you already didn’t get it along time ago.

You think rap music is about being fly, fucking models, drinking designer water and not being a lame. #absolutley.

You sissies.


Download: P.Blackk – It’s Always Sunny In Columbus Vol. 2

Download P.Blackk’s new mixtape It’s Always Sunny In Columbus Vol. 2 at Live Mixtapes. the Tape is hosted by Bruni.  I am keeping this short because I think y’all should be familiar with Pedro by now.

Download: DJ Bruni – The Ill Tape

Cover Art by Ariana Lindenfelsel

DJ Bruni has put together a mix-tape that kinda puts perspective on why the Sole Classics Hip Hop movement is so special. It mixes the Columbus cats that chill at the Short North Boutique like P.Blackk, Fly Union, Freaky Franz, Lxe, Fab A  with artists that are either affiliated with Columbus artists like Kendrick Lamar (Fly U), Lo Thraxx (P.Blackk), Telephoned (Freaky Franz), Casey Veggies (Fly U) , Stalley (Lxe), Big Sean (Fly U), and/or have done instores like Wiz Khalifa.   Download the mixtape @ Bruni’s website .

Check Freaky Franz,  Fly Union, Telephoned, DJ Bruni out at 9 Fest in Athens next month.