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Higher Level Art Show at the Milk Bar Tonight

Higher Level Art is throwing an art show at the Milk Bar tonight 5-10 pm.
On the low, this art show has some really internationally famous artists involved.
On the er Higher Level uhm, here are links to Higher Level Art’s mural welcoming T.O. to the Bengals and their Paint the Street Art Project.
Johnny Cashola and DJ Detox will provide the music.
Happy Birthday to Johnny Cashola after jump Continue reading

Three Years at The Monster House

Jimi “James” Payne posted this over on Banalization.

James “Jimi” Payne

For the past three years I have lived in the Monster House, a DIY punk house in Columbus, Ohio. I co-founded the Monster House with Pat Crann, Austin Eilbeck, Ryan Eilbeck, Jeff Love, Kristina Markey, Matt O’Conke, Joe Scarbro, Dylan Taylor-Lehman, and Nick Wong. A few weeks ago the last three original roommates – besides me – left. And, as of this week, I’m moving out as well. A group of our friends still living at the Monster plan to continue hosting shows and events. On October 8th, Apache DropoutLandlordReverse The Curse, and Cody Troyan are performing there.

After “the jump” is a list of every performer who occasioned the “stage” at the Monster House in the last three years. 400 different performers have played over 150 shows booked by over 20 promoters. The list is representative of the Columbus punk scene as well as the national DIY touring circuit from 2007-10.

More than 30 people paid rent at the house during this time span.

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Tonight In Columbus:Camu Tao’s King Of Hearts Release Party @ Skullys

Welp. I’d link to think anyone who claims to like music is aware of this. But we all have our own lives to lead. HOWEVER, All Eyes in the underground hip hop galaxy focus on our city as we being the home of some of the greatest talent ever celebrate the release of Camu Tao’s King of Hearts album on Def Jux/Fat Possum Records.
El-P is flying in to present our city the album, and enjoy the city that Camu loved.
ooohh so a national release in Columbus…say word..
but wait..lets not get too cool.
All the proceeds from the door benefit the James Cancer Center.
So..hopefully you will come and join us.
I feel like this is one of the musical moments that someone with pyrotechnics at the Schott could’nt trump.
5 dollar suggested donation.
DJ Pos 2, DJ Detox, DJ Carol, DJ True Skillz, and DJ Drastic on the tables
Hoster by El-Producto.
Album plays at midnight.
the packaging will make you cry.
In the Short North. At Skullys. On High Street. In Columbus Ohio.

New Monthly Brooklyn Dance Party:Get Right Columbus

flyer by Martin “Hugo” Can’t say the Ronson in anymore of 3cb in close association of PBJK

MP3: DJ Detox & DJ Johnny Cashola-Get Your Mind RIght Vol. 1

Get Right Columbus is now also going to be a monthly in Brooklyn starting July 31st. Say Word?
The folks at the Knitting Factory carefully stumbled upon Get Right Columbus success. And they dealt with mathematics. And what does that add up to?

Every last Saturday, every month starting in July, DJ Detox, and Johnny Cashola will be bringing the same club bangers to the Planet aka Brooklyn is the borough.

Can’t make the commute to Get the Empire State of Mind Right? Disnae worry…Get Right will still be monthly in the C-O.

Get Right Columbus Third Anniversary @ Skully’s Photos

MP3-DJ Detox & Johnny Cashola-Get Your Mind Right Vol 1

MP3-Johnny Cashola-Money Motivational Music Vol 1

Lifted these photos from this guy’s Facebook page.
I wrote about Get Right in the Others Paper.. So if you wanna know the background about an event that had 940 people in and out of Skullys all night read-it.

After the jump look at bootys, disc jockeys and beautiful Americans.

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Off the Grid this Weekend.

YouTube Preview Image

The Wexner Center for the Arts and Cultural Freedom will present to you on April 10th an event that  combines fine foods, local grassroots entertainment, charity, debuntantes, and more.


 Nick Tolford and Co : If you sweat Mayor Hawthorne, Amy Winehouse, or other forms of that than you prolly would like Nick Tolford. He does well for himslef. But probably if you frequent this site, then you know that.

Annnna anda tha Androids: If you have ever bought an Existential paperback at half-price bookstore that has a girl pictured in black and white stripes sorta mime looking, and has  a weird  purple hat on her head, and said ‘man I wish i could ten girls that would walk around that like that half naked ‘ then you prolly still ignored those girls alot of the time because when you saw them out, they were at a goth or really suspect techno event.

Well, at least year Trauma, DJ Detox and I finally noticed that these girls were dressed in that manner. This began a discussion about the tall one that specifically that appearred to be the perfect composite for a man that was reared on said books, and rap music body types. After placing a few phone calls to Adulture and Scotty Neimett is was deduced that the Android in question was married. And the entertaining of the idea that there may be more to the Androids than previously explored was put on hiatus.

So I am happy to see if the perfomance piece that these ladies do will appear different when in the trappings of the Wexner Center vs. the context of Melt Magazine.

DJ Detox-Get Right, Sweatin, BSA, So-What Wednesdays, Joy Divisions ,Scratches on JRAWLs imports, Envelope’s and Thought Set’s performance DJ, Divine Akron bloodlines, CDR Ann Last-Year and you still don’t understand. Learning Disorder.

Hood Internet-Ever wanted to heard a Man Man song under a Flo-Ride accapella?

food from it doesn’t get better in columbus and money goes diresctly to children.

For Actual information click here

Donewaiting 7 Year RJD2 Photos

rjd2 on twitter about his columbus show

Thanks bustown, last nite was all the way live. Word to the wise: if your chest is hella will farrell, jumping on stage w no shirt=bad look.

rj twitter again:

@wesflexner @donewaiting thanks for setting last nite up PROPERRRRR.

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R.I.P. Eric Rohmer

YouTube Preview Image
Above a is trailer for “My Night at Maud’s” from Eric Rohrmer’s series of seduction and dillema Six Moral Tales

So here at Donewaiting we have shown a wealth of support and adoration for Moral Talesmonthly party, which stole its name from Rohmer’s adult version of choose your own adventure and relaunched itself successfully last Friday by townie provacteuar Scotty Neitmet, and polite societies’ #1 DJ, Detox, at Havana in the Shono.
Sadly, and in a weird timing for local gays, handsome gentleman and stunning temptresses do to its proximity with the Moral Tales’ relaunch, the French New Wave director passed away at age 89.
Read about Eric Rohmer in the the New York TImes.

RJD2-Let There Be Horns Video & Donewaiting 7 Year Ticket Info

YouTube Preview Image
(Directed by Thom Ghunt)
One of the funniest videos in a minute..
. RJD2’s-Let There Be Horns is a good sign that RJ’s new record, The Colossus, will be, well, good. The Colossus drops 1/19.
I like the shitty look RJ gives the bull. Ima guess this isn’t the last we have seen of the bull.

Regardless, you can catch RJ @:

Donewaiting.com’s 7 Year Anniversary Line-up in Columbus on Friday, February 5:



Tickets available in Columbus at

Magnolia Thunderpussy
1155 N. High Street

Or you can buy them online.

Reno poster coming soon.


YouTube Preview Image

Columbus emcee Zerostar’s video featuring cameos by Envelope, DJ Detox, Jeff Fernagel, myself, Steve Hamilton, Zack Smoozyiak, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids,  Carabar, the Columbus Police, and  Skullys.

Songs off his new ep. Download it below.

MP3:Zerostar:Are We There Yet? EP