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YeaBig/Kid Static & Envelope @ The Monster House Tonight

Yea Big/Kid Static are a rap group from Chicago that are trying to make sense of the hipster dance rap that the Cool Kids, Kid Sister and Flosstadomus have made their city known for but at the same time showing a definate glitch Prefuse 73/Flying Lotus tendancy. Kid Static’s flow sounds kinda awkward but I mean who could sound fluid over a hybrid of two different styles of electronic music. Especially when a “real” hip hop vibe prevails.
Awkward Party rap will prolly go over well @ bike punk haven Monster House.
Awkward, rapping, bike riding fan of Columbus punk, party animalEnvelope is performing backed by DJ Detox also.
I can’t see how this rare Hip Hop house show doesn’t end up being memorable. I mean the show deserve attention on the merits off of ..when have you ever seen a all-hip hop house show?

Yea Big vs. Mae Shi-Party Steady

Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim-Good Ol Fashion Nightmare

The Final So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday, the weekly Hip Hop night at Bourbon Street will be coming to a close tonight.
Here are DJ Detox’s parting words.(the night was named after Daymon Dodson aka So What)

Rest In Peace Daymon Dodson Racist Joe So What!

The night’s been goin on for 2+ years now thanks to the support from the people of Columbus. Both from the many people that knew Daymon and some who didn’t. When it comes down to it, I feel like Big Daymon would have wanted it this way. Holding down a weekly for 2years in Columbus is no easy feat and i feel like all in all its been a successfull night. Better to go out on a high note than to burn out, Nahmean?

Big thanks to the many cats that have been helping with this nite since day ONE! Wes, Blueprint (ya’ll held it down and helped out with the nite every week strictly for the love and I appreciate the fuck out of it). Adam, Alex, Witzky and all the rest of the bartenders that have helped out with the nite. Pos2, LoZone, Rare groove and all the other djs the came out and helped. And all the regulars that showed up every week and partied with us. Shits been a blast and I expect tonight to be no different. Hope to see some of ya’ll (who can) out!

East Village Radio’s Max Wowch Dejays at Moral Tales Saturday

The one song I know for sure that will be not played at Moral Tales is Purple Pills by D12.  Which is unfortunate. But I think that resident DJ’S Gaybar and True Skills(Who is in the newspaper this week) mainly focus on debonair and  elegant dance musics. I would possibly be able to convince DJ Detox that the only rap song of the night should be Eminem’s ode to XTC. But Detox is in Winnipig  doing whatever the fuck people do in places that are really fucking cold.

So filling in for DJ Detox will be Max Wowch. Max is good at making clothes. So he runs a clothing company called Wowch. Max also has a radio program in New York City. His show Pizza Party Airs on East Village Radio Thursday’s 4-6 pm.

Moral Tales is Free and At the Summit.
(Detox you need to get a Fidget house rap xtc set together. Pillz and Purple Pillz are my first two suggestions.)

Moral Tales Photos

Micheal “Gaybar” Carney lining up  um a, gay disco record.

Moral Tales is the new skin of Columbus future dance offering options for  the following: any lady with discerning taste; harlots that shop at both vintage stores and American Apparel; cordially mannered sociopath hustlers,; well-educated gentleman that are products of proper breeding; exquisitvely dressed nancyboys; rock n roll narcotic users; any other combination that requires both being attractive and well-versed in something . The first one installment of this monthly gala launched Last Saturday. The music provided by DJ Tru Skills, Gaybar, and DJ Detox centered around Exotic Funk, Disco, Electo and then ventured into R+B/blog house/bmore/ dance musics of the now at the end. The event’s host was a Mr. Scotty Neimat whose past endeavors include but aren’t limited toboth Sweatin Dance Party and the place Columbus DIY took root, the Neil House.

photos by danielle kline

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New Lone Catalyst Video-Make It Better

YouTube Preview Image

I spoke to the world’s nicest man in Hip Hop today J-Rawls, today. He told me that Lone Catalyst had a new video. The clip pays homage to classic Hip Hop records, and makes a nod Krs-One’s “My Philosphy” . Peep the cameo by DJ Detox’s hands towards the middle. And myself at the very end. I was really drunk that night so I am thankful that the audio doesn’t exist to the public.

Get Down on the Floor With the Get Right Mixtape.

This picture is not indicative of the turn-outs of Get Right. Hit their MySpace up to see the success. Also look at Johnny Cashola’s Lynard Skynard shirt. Look at Dirtnaps shirt too. Look at Detox cause he don’t dress weird. Just don’t look at Franz from Triceratops if you are at work.

The number one phrase. The only phrase that has counted is Get Your Mind Right. It’s Scientology with results instead of aliens. If not “Shh, lady, Gargle”.


So When DCKareem of the number one sex shop Milk Bar teamed with Columbus’ most versatile deejaay Detox, and Johnnny Cashola (who is known to be a part of fashionable society because of his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained) linked up to make a dance party that is soo Columbus, soo well-respected; it was only a matter time they put a mixtape on smash.

It may be difficult wrap your head around this tape if you aren’t from Columbus. See Columbus really loves Gucci Mane, and Dipset. Trap rap has run downtown nightclub Culture (white and black) for as long I can remember being willing go to nightclubs with the insurance I would not have to hear drum n bass or jungle. We hate ravers. We like hard shit. And we like comedy. And this ain’t irony. Except when Detox brings back Rick Ross saying working with the police and over and over again. But you know what. Rick Ross works with the police. Continue reading

Basic Social Awareness PT 2: Sweatin Party

Photos by Danielle Kline

The night before the Twiztid Show, DJ Detox, DJ True Skillz, DJ Gaybar played records in a completely opposite enviroment; a Short North Queer Positive Watering hole. Our heroes spun at Sweatin, a monthly dance party, located at the East Village Cafe that owns the Girltalk, Justice, and Blog House so-called “hipster” crowd.

The dejays angle on the evening was disco in the loosest sense of the word.

Pictures & Playlists After the Jump

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Basic Sociological Awareness PT 1: Twiztid Juggalos

This past month I have watched DJ Detox+ friends rock so many packed rooms. Sweatin, Get Right, The Catalyst’s release party, So What Wednesdays, The Milk Bar and even Twiztid at the Newport all got handled.

I am gonna hit you with a series of blogs with pictures and playlists from a gaybar, a downtown nightclub, a boutique, a shitgaze(jokes) haven turned Stretch + Bobbie 89.9 for a night and a sold-out Juggalo event to let you know Home Mortgage scandals don’t need to be the norm

Lets start with the Sold-out Newport.
Might as well set it off with proof that if God doesn’t love ugly, someone else will and make 25 dollars at ticket.

Photos By Danielle Kline

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I Know Some of Y’all Hate Fun..

Blueprint masked up for Halloween @ So What Wednesdays.

But I am like fuck it. I came across a Flickr account post by Bridget Eshbaugh that had lots of shots of people enjoying themselves at various recent events in Columbus


After the jump, photos from the Daymon Day Parade, Hangar 18, Saturday’s Chateau Awesome House Party, Get Right, Monotronix, and Party With the Universe

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Blueprint + Zero Tonight At Cafe Bourbon Street.

Blueprint and Zero Star are performing at So What Wednesdays, which is located at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus, tonight.
Here is a quick interview I did with Printmatic.

Wes Flexner-What are a few Hip Hop Weeklies that stick out in your mind?
Blueprint-Ohio would be Bernies(Fonosluts) Columbus #1, and Topcats #2. They were the best hiphop nights I’ve ever been to for different reasons…Bernies was rowdy on some youth angst clash of cultures type shit, and the music was really diverse. Topcats was dope only because it was the only outlet in a city with no outlets, and because people used to get regulated on so quickly. A lot more beatdowns at Topcats, but a lot more classic hiphop moments at Bernies. Topcats also had that straight edge, grafitti writer, hip hop head, meets g rapper element to it. That was the last place I battled at with regularity because you could guarantee it would be against somebody who hadn’t heard of me.Bernies was a place you had to earn respect before you got the mic at, and Topcats wasn’t really.

WF-How long did Top Cats go on for? I know Bernies went on for like 6 years.
Blueprint-Top cats was about 5 years.

WF-Girls Girls Girls. Why do most Hip Hop nights struggle on the girl tip?
Blueprint-Because dudes who aren’t around enough women put hiphop nights together. Most dudes don’t even acknowledge the fun factor, and the fun factor runs hand in hand with the female factor. If the women come to your event then you’re doing something right. Not that it has to be girly music but its gotta be something normal people ie Women can relate to. Dudes just wanna rap and get glory. Girls just wanna have fun. You have to meet somewhere in the middle to get girls out.

After the jump, Print gives hip hop dorks lessons on meeting women. He discusses future music and touring plans, and tells me how Envelope earned the nickname “the white ODB”.

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