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Download: Krate Digga & the Mighty SoundChampz Crew – “Snaps, Taps, Booms & Baps” Album

MP3: Krate Digga- “Snaps, Taps, & Booms & Baps” (via Diggz”s twitter )

If you grew up on Gangstarr, Saul Williams or Tribe Called Quest and/or also believe in “Columbus” music than you should download Dj KrateDigga’s album “Snaps, Taps,  Booms & Baps”. The album’s title is an ode to a now-defunct Snaps & Taps, a jazz & spoken word club in downtown Columbus where Krate got his start. It also lists off his philosophy of music where the subtle  and smooth exist in Hip Hop exist as a balance to the harshness of everyday life.  Snaps, Taps, Booms & Baps  guests Co Ciy of the 3rd, S.P.I.R.I.T., Eddie Bayard, Speak Willams, Talisha Homes, & More.

The album has a real Lyricist’s Lounge feel.

trasklist after jump
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MP3: Kratedigga ft. CoCity “Champion”

(Photo by Joe Charlton)

MP3: Krate Digga-Champion feat CoCity of The 3RD

DJ Kratedigga is one of the coolest and most cerebral deejays in Columbus. He has immaculate taste and an excellent sense of composition.

Whether he is spinning out or backing J.Osceola, Krate is a great live deejay..

I didn’t know Krate produced. But here is a song that Mr. Digga made with CoCity of the 3rd. Looks like it’s off an album called Snap, Taps, and Boom-Baps. Wonder if that title is a reference to Snaps & Taps?

After the jump find-out where Kratedigga will deejay at in the near future.
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MP3:DJ Bern, DJ Dommy Styles, DJ Kratedigga-3 DJ’s 1 City(614 SummerJam 2010 Mixtape)

MP3:MP3:DJ Bern, DJ Dommy Styles, DJ Kratedigga-3 DJ’s 1 City

Tonight a bunch of local artist, their friends, family and fans will all get dressed up or down, and gather at Skullys. Here is a mixtape that will help you familarize yourself.
The Line-up ….. Kreg & Dez,The 3rd, Lefortheuncool
Young Wise
Hodgie Street Sinatra Exec Gang P. Blackk J Osceola Debonair Philly P Meechie Nelson Trek Manifest Skeptik
Resse A.U
I honestly think this is a special moment in time. as I wrote in this weeks Other Paper.