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Columbus-ish Jams For Your Weekend

In case you need some new tunes for wherever you may voyage (or not voyage) this weekend, here are some suggestions:

1. DJ Self Help: Clusterfunk Mix Summer 2010 (Soundcloud)
Self Help, the co-host of Columbus/Athens’ Dance or Die and rising DJ talent on his own, recently dropped this summer funtime mix. Crazy mixes and interesting choices make this hour-long mix jam from front to back.

2. Loyal Divide: Flights (Bandcamp)
For whatever reason, I’d never been that into this Chicago-via-Columbus quartet (unlike my man Chip Midnight). However, I downloaded this single when it dropped in July and every time I come it back to it I love it more. Echo-y and hypnotic. If you’re in Chicagoland or need a road trip this weekend, check them out at the North Coast Music Festival.

3. The Green Brothers: I Get Lifted (Bandcamp)
Despite MC Claude 9’s (aka Eyamme) relocation to San Diego, his weed-centric Green Brothers collaboration with DJ Bern One (aka DJ Inform) has continued onto a third album. In anticipation of its release later this month, they released a single of the title track, a soulful paean to their primary inspiration. Learn new green technology in the video after the jump. Continue reading

MP3: Karate Coyote – “ICU2(RN4A187)”

MP3: ICU2(RN4A187)

I’m much more enthused about the second half of Karate Coyote‘s new (and first full-length) album, Inner Animals, but the above track (#2 of 12) helps redeem Side A for me. It’s got all those things you love about Karate Coyote, if you love Karate Coyote: hoots and hollers, ohhs and ahhs, background shouts of “Hey!”, creative vocal lines courtesy of Sam Corlett, little bits of weird/throwback lead guitar that doesn’t seem like it should fit but does.

CD release show in Columbus this Friday (3/26) at Skully’s with Stretch Lefty (releasing an EP the same night), This is My Suitcase and DJ Self Help. Inner Animals tracklist after the jump. Continue reading

Adult Culture at Trauma Tonight

MP3:Le Principle – Your Magic (Original Mix)

{Le Principle is a new disco house project Adulture is part of. Adulture is playing at Trauma tonight)

Trauma is a fetish ball that the Evolved tattoo doods put on. I end up at it every year at some point because they always have some wild shit in the air. Last year, they told me that there was a sex toy room with a 10,000 dollar vibrator. I went on the premise that I wanted to see this device.
Not to get turned on. But to pay respect.
Imean think about it. What does a ten thousand dollar vibrator do that say a 50 dollar vibrator doesn’t? I figured if i was in its presence and learned at least two things, then my life would be greatly enhanced.
I never found the 10k vibrator or the sex room. But what I did witness was a bunch of naked people getting hung by hooks.
Not my Thing at all.
I like naked ladies how they are and I don’t see the need to put them on skewers,

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